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Business Studies Report On British Telecom B.T.

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BUSINESS STUDIES REPORT ON BRITISH TELECOM COMPILED BY BRYAN WOOTTEN 1/10/03 EXTERNAL FACTORS AND ECONOMIC ENVIRONMENT In general telecommunications is perceived as environmentally friendly technology. But being such a large company, British Telecom is bound to have an impact on the business environment both nationally and internationally. British Telecom has two impacts on the economy, firstly the direct economic impact which can be seen by using traditional financial methods such as turnover, spend with suppliers, dividends, employee costs and taxation. Then there are indirect economic impacts, this comes from income and employment generated in businesses that supply goods and services for use by British Telecom. ...read more.


Europe (excluding UK) �978 million (5%) Americas �153 million (1%) Asia and Pacific �60 million (<1%) Indirect impacts These can be catigorised under 4 main headings; Income and employment Productivity Globalisation Knowledge economy Income and employment This is created in business that supply goods and services to BT. But we must note that there are businesses that supply the supplier of BT and not directly. Taking this into account it is not surprising that the expenditure of BT in Great Britain creates over �2 Billion of income to the British economy which in turn supports the employment of over 100,000 people. ...read more.


Knowledge economy This is not only the future but the present, using technology to create a function of ideas and imagination rather than traditional capital investment. This is why BT have placed considerable emphasis on research and development and knowledge management. BT have the technology to teach others about the future, this can only strengthen the effects of their business on future economies both globally and nationally. Summary We take for granted the technology that is available to us now and in the future, not realising the true effects it has on us and the world around us. Telecommunications brings us knowledge, health, wealth and all the emotions that affect our every day lives. ...read more.

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