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Case Study: An Overpopulated Country - Bangladesh

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Explain the need for alternative forms of tourism and discuss its advantages and disadvantages Alternative forms of tourism generally refer to any form of tourism not related to that of mass tourism, of which in other words, it is the counter-part of mass tourism. It is a general concept and does not have a precise definition. Alternative tourism contrasts markedly with mass tourism in terms of scale, organisation, type of tourist and speed of development. In alternative tourism, small numbers of individual travelers are catered for often by independent specialist operators or by local communities. The development of this form of tourism is small scale, often using locally provided accommodation. Tourists involved in alternative tourism usually seek novelty and experience that are different from that provided by mass tourism, for instance some tourists seek alternative forms of tourism to avoid the crowds associated with mass tourism. ...read more.


Most alternative forms of tourism involves the locals in its planning and management, allowing the locals greater participation in the tourism activity and in many cases, locals benefit more through alternative forms of tourism than mass tourism. Benefits include revenue and conservation of their environment. Alternative form of tourism can be a form of tourism that is consistent with the natural, social and community values and that allows a positive relationship among locals and tourists. Moreover, the concept of sustainability underlies some alternative forms of tourism, allowing for long term viability of these tourism areas. Lastly, some alternative forms of tourism are educational in nature, enriching tourists about for instances, the culture of the local communities, the beauty of the nature environment, or the need for conservation. An example of which is photographic safari in Masoka, a small village in Zimbabwe. On the other hand, looking at the disadvantages, alternative tourism usually penetrates far deeper into the personal lives of residents and ...read more.


In addition, where there is lack of expertise in catering for alternative tourists, inappropriate practices could be implemented and local resources over-exploited for short term gains. Lastly, there is evident risk that alternative forms of tourism simply represent the pioneering stages in new practices of mass tourism. In this way, alternative tourism simply becomes a mechanism for constructing new geographies of travel and its associated impacts, centred on the exotic and the distant. For example, there is ample evidence that destinations such as the Himalayas and sub-Saharan Africa, both alternative tourism locations, are now being opened up to the mass tourism. In conclusion, it is a mistake to just look at the perceived advantages perceived from developing alternative forms of tourism and disregard its disadvantages. Alternative forms of tourism can be said to be an infant form of tourism development and will require much care to avoid it from developing out of control and cause much negative impacts to the destination. ...read more.

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