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case study energy policy UK

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Energy policy-UK Introduction. 1. Energy policy is the manner in which a given entity (often governmental) has decided to address issues of energy development including energy production, distribution and consumption. 2. Current energy policy in UK is set out in the Energy White Paper of May 2007 3. The 2007 White Paper outlines the Government's international and domestic strategy for responding to three main challenges: * cutting carbon emissions to tackle global warming * ensuring clean and affordable energy * Energy security 4. It seeks to do this in a way that is consistent with its four energy policy goals: * cutting the UK's carbon dioxide emissions by some 60% by about 2050, with real progress by 2020; * maintaining the reliability of energy supplies; * promoting competitive markets in the UK ...read more.


Union Emissions Trading Scheme * Providing legally securing carbon targets for the whole UK economy, reducing emissions through the implementation of the Climate Change Bill. b. Energy conservation: * Encouraging more energy saving through better information, incentives and regulation * Providing more support for low carbon technologies, including increased international and domestic public-private sector collaboration in the areas of research, development, demonstration and deployment. c. Energy security by: * develop cleaner energy supplies * and secure reliable energy supplies at prices set in competitive markets. * How? ? reduced coal energy production due to eroding cost advantages, pressure to reduce greenhouse gases emission and depleting deposits. ? Major expansion in gas - 'Dash for gas' o Technology advances in gas-fired generators and the cost of natural gas compared to other fuels have made gas the best economic proposition. ...read more.


(b)reducing energy poverty (c)maintaining energy supply reliability to date Despite some successes and stated goals, there are some issues that are incompletely addressed by UK policy. The principal such items are: -Loss of energy independence. * No aggressive plan to reduce the impending loss of energy independence * Reserves of gas are limited and the UK may have to rely on imports within 20 to 30 years * May risks the future supplies and costs -Lack of strong national policy on transport fuel efficiency. * The government has done so little to inform the public about fuel efficient options * a survey released in March, 2006: "Some of the 1200 people surveyed ... thought 'hybrid' meant two cars welded together. Others thought hybrids had to be plugged in at night." -Lack of emphasis of energy conservation by reducing over-illumination, especially in commercial buildings. ...read more.

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