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Case study - Quality of life variations in

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Case study - Quality of life variations in Leicester Aim I have been commissioned to write a report concerning inequalities in the city of Leicester. Inequality can be measured in many different ways. I will be concentrating on the following factors. Unemployment usually means a low quality of life as it limits the choices people have, this leads to low self-esteem. Unemployment also results in lack of social interaction, as an unemployed person would not be able to socialise with work colleagues. Lack of personal development is also one of the negative consequences for unemployed people, because they don't develop new skills. Ethnic composition, in the media it's usually portrayed that the most deprived areas are the ones with most foreigners. I will in this report attempt to find out if this really is true or if it is just a stereotype created by the media. Car ownership, having one or more cars suggests that the families' income is high and that they have a greater freedom in their lives leading to higher quality of life. Housing tenure, people who own their houses are said to have a higher quality of life, because they have the freedom to do anything with their houses Overcrowding will have a negative effect on the quality of life, because the more people there are in an area, the less space there will be for them. ...read more.


The unemployment has been decreased rapidly and the derelict land has now been changed into five small parks and a big two hectare park. This Urban renewal or gentrification scheme proved to be very successful in Westcotes and has in my opinion set the example for the wards with a lower quality of life. It has proved that if money is spent wisely, even the worst wards with a pitiable quality of life can become areas of a fairly high quality of life. North Braunstone Using my data I have placed North Braunstone third on my quality of life ranking. This is not very good for this particular ward because in the 1920s and 1930s the ward was built to provide better homes for people living in crowded terraced housing in the inner city. But this has not happened. In fact North Braun has become a worse area than the crowded terraced housing areas. In the 1920s and 1930s, the expectations were high. For people crammed into unhealthy slums, the houses in North Braunstone appeared to be 'dream homes'. However all housing areas change over time, as do the hopes and expectations of people. The dream homes of North Braunstone in the 1920s and 1930s are now described as being 'problem estates'. ...read more.


If the ranking had been done according to ethnic composition it would have been 1. North Braunstone 2. Evington 3. Westcotes 4. Wycliffe This is not the same ranking that I achieved using the other indicators. This underlines the enormous effect the media has on us, it can change the way we think about certain issues. This report can only be used as an indicator of the quality of life in the 4 wards, as the quality of life is different from person to person. Somebody might be happy and satisfied although they are living in a slum and somebody else might be unhappy and unsatisfied although they are living in an area which is supposed to have a high quality of life. However the indicators I have used, have provided a fairly reliable picture of the situation in the wards. My perception of the 4 wards might be quite different from reality as it's based on second hand information. The census data that I have used is from 1991 and things have changed since, so the data is not very reliable. If I was to get a better perception of the 4 wards and the quality of life in the wards, I would have to visit the wards and speak to the people face to face about their quality of life. 1 ...read more.

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