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Changes to Stoke Bruerne between(1800 - 2001)

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Changes to Stoke Bruerne between (1800 - 2001) Stoke Bruerne was a small farming and market village. The main function of Stoke Bruerne changed because of transport. The Grand Junction canal got its act of parliament in 1793. (Canal side walk). The canal had a major impact on the village of Stoke Bruerne. The village of Stoke Bruerne developed around the canal. (Maps). Before the canal arrived, Stoke Bruerne was a very small-populated area with about 150 people living in, what was a very agricultural village. The first major canal was built between London and Birmingham, this runs through the village of Stoke Bruerne. (Visit). There was a major objection to this plan by the Rector, the two plans that were drawn up went straight through the middle of his garden cutting it in two. He lost his battle and the chosen plan went ahead. When the canal was built the canal company built the Rector a bridge so that he could walk from one side of his garden to the other. (Visit). When the canal was built many jobs were created and with it people to fill the vacancies. ...read more.


Railways took over from canals as the main form of transport about 1851. The reasons why people started to use the railway more is because it was: * More direct and Quicker - the trains could travel a lot faster than the boats, which meant they could get to their destinations more efficiently. * Easy to extend - the trains were more direct, and a lot less hassle for companies that extend the track because unlike the canal no digging was required only a flat piece of land (Visit). * Transporting goods - Transporting heavy goods and pottery was easier and safer because it was less likely to break because the ride was smoother than the barges had been. The best thing with trains and transporting goods was food. Food could finally be transported over large areas. It could get there quickly and so it would stay fresh for markets and stalls the following day. Between 1874 - 1879 the Navigation Inn shut closed (Whittaker).The Corn Mill shut down at the start of the 1900's (Guide book). Work hours were cut in 1938 and so people had more leisure time. ...read more.


Stoke Bruerne Sources. The best source I used was the visit because it gave a full picture of what Stoke Bruerne was like and the way it changed, for example: * The roofs on the buildings all had different styles e.g. slate, tile, etc. The visit also gave us a visual view, I picked up lots of little facts from our tour guide and the museum. Also the Whittaker Minutes and the Canal Side Walk were very useful for the certain information that I got for it although it was only 1 or 2 facts from each. The postcard disagreed with my visit because we saw quite dull boats, but the postcard showed bright boats, which we were also told, would not have been the case. Postcards are painted in the light of being sold and so make the village look a great place, this makes it bias. A historian could use the Whittaker Minutes and the Canal Side Walk to gain key information of what stoke Bruerne was like. These are documents from the time of the canal and so are likely to state the facts. This would be a reliable source as well as the land and its shape at Stoke Bruerne, for example you can see where the horses walked and so proves this did happen. Christopher O'Donnell Stoke Bruerne Coursework 07/07/01 ...read more.

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