Competition - What do we mean by the Global Market place?

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C/W Business Studies March 19, 2003 Competition 1. What do we mean by the Global Market place? Global means to introduce the company world wide. To make the company known to the whole world rather than just one country.


3. What is internationalisation? This refers to the way in which companies expand their operations overseas in order to exploit new markets. 4. To be competitive an organisation needs to make sure that it: * Provide quality products that meet customer requirements.


* Ploughs back funds into new investment, research and product development. * Experiments with new ideas and sets out to lead rather than follow the field. * Makes sure that it has outstanding customer and community relationships as well as respecting the environment. * Takes into consideration the requirements of all its stakeholders. Centre No. 65141 Semeena Khan Candidate No. 8296

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