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Concepts of The City

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Concepts of The City Crowded, overwhelming, hard work, polluted, stressful and chaotic. Not only words frequently used to describe western cities in a post-modern era, but also concepts portrayed through David Williamson's play "Corporate Vibes". The city is definitely a diverse place. There is not one phrase that can entirely describe a city, as its image is shaped not only through its aesthetic nature, but also the people who make it up, and the industries that it is well known for. People's perceptions of the city vary with experience. Therefore many texts are opinionated. Even Leo Meier's stunning photograph of Sydney Harbour was carefully planned to produce a flawless representation of the city. It is clearly evident the city is a source of inspiration to composers. There are a vast range of texts featuring the city as a central element, which all convey varying images, ranging from iniquity to modernity, sexuality, beauty and freedom. Corporate Vibes by David Williamson is a play centralised around a city environment. It is my belief the text inadequately portrayed the whole concept of the city, as Williamson stereotyped not only his characters, but focused his entire approach on business life - as unrealistic as it was. The corporate world is definitely a major component associated with the city, yet it is just one aspect of the typical civilized society. ...read more.


Thus differences need to be overcome through acceptance, for people to collaborate and for a city to function. This stress and chaotic life experienced in the city can be contrasted by the perfect images often presented in travel brochures and on postcards. Leo Meier's untitled photograph of Sydney Harbour is one such example. The text depicts the city to be a magnificent, aesthetic place, which is still in touch with nature. The setting of dusk captures the moment when the city is just beginning to come alive, and is by no means peaceful after a long day. The composer has intended the city to be portrayed as continuous, yet an icon of beauty, which is distinctly Australian. The impression expressed by the image is that of vigilance and a never-sleeping city, yet one which has a famous nightlife and festive atmosphere. The working life by day has disappeared, and the social side of the city is just being revealed. The wide lens used, which has created a panoramic view, captures the sheer expanse of the Harbour. The water itself inspires a sense of calm, as it appears somewhat like glass, reflecting the chaos of the city nightlife above. The Harbour contrasts the city to emphasise Sydney's chaotic nature and the element that is never sleeping. The array of colours, the lighting used, and vantage point all stress the connection between the city and its historic and natural components. ...read more.


This is in contrast to Wakelin's artwork, which presents the city as an exposed, yet rather harmonious place. The dull colours, along with the pale blues, deep reds and charcoals illustrate a quiet and serene quality. Since the artwork was composed 57 years ago, it is evident much of the city has changed. Many people believe this change is for the worst. However my perception of the city is somewhat in between. I realise that no city is perfect, yet I believe every city has at least sone positive attributes. It is possibly just the number of these that may vary. In my eyes, the concepts of the city differ dramatically. The element of the corporate world does exist in most cities, yet for a person who is educated five days a week in the city, my perception will of course be persuaded by what Sydney has to offer. I see the city as an energetic and every changing place. It is true crime and immorality exists, and I accept this notion, however my experiences have led me to feel that isolation is not a problem, and anonymity is a positive characteristic. I sense freedom of all categories is extensive, whether it is freedom of sexuality, or the expression of unique style. Personally I could never call the heart of the city 'home'. I adore the city, especially Sydney, yet I believe the mind needs to take time to relax and unwind - and to me the city is not a tranquil and soothing place. ...read more.

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