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Consider the reasons for the practise of deforestation and the effects it has on diversity and the cycling of nutrients. How can deforestation and its effects be reduced?

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A2 Biology Assignment. 2002. "Consider the reasons for the practise of deforestation and the effects it has on diversity and the cycling of nutrients. How can deforestation and its effects be reduced?" I am writing a report concerning deforestation. The purpose of this is to research in to the reasons for deforestation, the effects it has on diversity and cycling of nutrients. Also how deforestation effects can be reduced. Deforestation is a key issue around the world currently and one that must be dealt with. Between 1880 and 1980 about 40% of all tropical rainforests were destroyed. Britain has fallen from 85% forest cover to 8%, which is probably the lowest in Europe. I shall collect my information from an article, Internet articles and Books connected to deforestation. Deforestation occurs for a number of reasons. Centuries ago in Europe large areas of forest were cleared as forests were perceived as dangerous places that needed to be made safe. ...read more.


Developing countries. The people living in rural areas collect their own fuel wood however for people in cities large amount of fuel wood are often brought from the distant forests and sold commercially. Deforestation has a strong impact on diversity and the cycling of nutrients. The 5 main effects are reduction in soil fertility, flooding and landslips, changes in recycling of nutrients, climatic changes and species extinction. Once deforestation has occurred soil fertility can be reduced as deciduous trees can contain up to 90% of nutrients and so when trees are cut down nutrients are not available to the soil and are not replaced. Soil erosion is much faster due to the absence of trees. Due to no root system wind may remove soil and soil structure is no longer balanced. Flooding and landslips also occur. This is because heavy rainfall on deforested land isn't 'held up' usually 25% on rainfall is absorbed by follage or evaporates and 50% is absorbed by root systems. ...read more.


The forests should then be left to regenerate naturally or replanted. Another way in which deforestation and its effects can be reduced is by using other sources of energy i.e. Solar Power egg using very simple solar heated ovens which could reduce use of fuel wood. To conclude, we can see that the main reasons for deforestation are the needs of hardwood, agricultural needs and urban development needs. These all have serious effects such as reduction in soil fertility, flooding, species extinction, climatic changes and changes in recycling of materials. As we can see all these effects are very serious and must be reduced. I feel that deforestation is a very important issue that must be dealt with immediately. The ways in which this can be done is by providing financial support for conservation areas, setting up forest management systems and using other sources of energy. I feel if steps aren't taken to reduce the effects of deforestation and deforestation itself it may lead to a total loss of our T.R.F which may lead to much more serious consequences that we are unable to deal with. ...read more.

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