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Contraceptives Population is one of the most problematic threats our world is facing today which was not there about some years ago. Today the world's human population is growing by more than 75 million people per year. About half the world lives in nations with sub-replacement fertility (rate that is not high enough to replace an area's population), and population growth in those countries is due to immigration. Overpopulation has more disadvantages then advantages, these disadvantages consist of diseases such as Acquired immuno-deficiency Syndrome (AIDS), Human immuno-deficiency virus (HIV), people without food (Malnutrition), more crime for survival products etc. Controlling the population is the practice which the world is trying to do from years. Such example can be of china's one child policy in which having more than a child in a house is a crime according to the policy. Therefore Chinese, after one child have to abort their child or go for permanent sterilization. As having sex is the factor of over-population, scientists have come up to a method of contraceptives and birth control which helps all the people who want to have sex, and without the problem of getting pregnant which solves the problem of overpopulation. ...read more.


You can get sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) or sexually transmitted infections (STIs) which infect the reproductive organs of the human body. Having unsafe sex can cause such kinds of STDs like AIDS (Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome ) or HIV (Human Immuno Virus) , Gonorrhea, Genital Herpes, Genital Warts, syphilis, etc which in future can sometimes lead to death. AIDS and HIV are the two viruses that destroy the body's ability to fight diseases. It is amongst the worst diseases and is incurable at the last stage. Transmission of AIDS can be through many ways, such ways can be a sexual activity and it can also be the sharing of the needles. Syphilis is very difficult to detect because it is mild and it disappears quickly. It is a spreading STD and spreads quickly if untreated. It generally occurs on penis, around the vagina, mouth, and anus or on hands. It is basically a small painless open sore which is the diseases and can be cured by using the drug called penicillin. Contraceptives are the world's most finest and suitable solution for this problem. But here stands the new problem, which is that one doesn't like using contraceptives and about the teens they don't even know what contraceptives are? ...read more.


and better to kill her than bring her up and add upon the burden of her expense of upbringing, when there is no return. Moreover, this has even been made illegal by the government of practicing sex discrimination and the dowry system. However, the law does not seem to be strict enough because these practices are even taking place now when the world is racing ahead and women are equally contributing to the progress. Hence, why should we discriminate the girls when they are equally important in our lives and this awareness should be brought as soon as possible and break the mentality of some people who still are living in the past by thinking this way and they need to be awakened soon! However this change can only come if it comes from within. I surely have felt the need of this change to be brought about soon in society and I assure myself and you that I will try to bring about a revolution to help curb these issues and create awareness about contraceptives and their benefits as well as sex discrimination and other related issues by talking in front of doors instead of following the usual trend of talking about this topic of 'sex and contraception', 'behind doors'. ...read more.

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