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Counter Urbanization

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Counter Urbanization This report aims to proof and confirm that counter- urbanization takes place between the cities in the west - midlands and the County of Powys. The main cities concerned are, Coventry, Worcester, Hereford and the largest being Birmingham. This report will be examining the following points: > The ages of the individuals moving from the urban areas to the rural areas. > The reasons why people moving > Where these people are moving from and where they are moving to These three points will help to proof my previous statement. Counter Urbanization - Definition The definition of counter - urbanization in the simplest form means the movement of people from urban areas into rural areas. An example of this is the movement of people in the urban areas of Birmingham into the rural areas of Powys. During the past 30 years, urban growth in the industrialized countries has begun to give way to the process of counter-urbanization, which has reduced the size of conurbations. Counter-urbanization in the United Kingdom was strongest in the 1970s when the conurbations lost about 7 per cent of their population, followed by a further 2 per cent loss in the 1980s. ...read more.


The main reason for this is that Powys is an ideal place to live if you work in a large city in the midlands for example Birmingham. It is such an ideal place as it has superb access to the city. There are fewer 18 to 29 year olds living in Powys than 45 year olds as they have not yet been able to establish a job with a high enough wage to support a family in Powys, whereas the 45 year olds have had an experience in work and are earning a high wage. There is also a fairly high amount of people in the pensionable age living in Powys. This would be due to its attractiveness people enjoy retiring into a beautiful, quiet area. There are very few people aged 85 and older living in Powys. This is due to the lack of care they would be able to receive, as Powys is such a rural area. This table also shows that there is a low amount of young adults between the age of 16 and 17 living in this area. I think this suggests that the area does not have many collages or universities. ...read more.


A good example of this is not only the county of Powys but also areas in the southwest such as Cornwall. This area is well know for its retired population Improved Network System Road improvements enable more people to commute, which results in them being able to live up to a 100 miles away or more from where they work. Improved rail and bus services, with cheaper fares not only are more appealing and cost effective than by traveling by road but they also enable more people to commute. The ages of people involved in counter-urbanisation are also important. Many of the people within the age of 16-19 may move away to urbanized to attend universities and colleges, with young families with young children and the retired moving in to more rural areas. Similarly it can be seen that those groups just mentioned are decreasing in population within cities, and are increasing in population within rural areas. Overall, it can be concluded that counter-urbanisation is a continuing process. If counter-urbanisation continues it may lead to the sub urbanisation of all rural areas with cities becoming more and more ghost like as more people move away to live in rural areas. And also the increase in the population in rural areas could lead to the damaging of the countryside and the wildlife within it. ...read more.

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