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Critically evaluate the decision of the Chinese government to build the Three Gorges Dam.

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    Export Import Bank are unwilling to provide financial assistance for the construction of the dam. Therefore, most costs will be depended upon the national energy tax, government bonds, and any other trust funds raised. The dam will produce the energy of 84 billion kilowatt hours per year, which is enough to supply 11-15% of China's energy.

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    The construction of the three gorges dam means that west of the dam on the Yangtze water can be regulated and controlled, preventing the event of freak flooding such as those in 1998 which will benefit all citizens east of the dam.

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    The HEP produced by the dam is hoped to be able to pay for the dam itself over a certain amount of time. Another advantage towards the countries economy is that with the dam stopping floods, it will stop the damage to the several cities that get affected during every flood.

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    This leaves a massive job for the environmental officials as they face a task of clearing-up which is as widespread as it is dispersed across the Yangtze River Basin. The wastes that will be left behind range from metals such as lead, mercury, and cyanide to other cancer-causing chemicals that

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    I suggest that we should attempt to conserve the river dolphin by transferring them to another river which will not be affected by the dam. We must exploit what God has given us and utilize the land to its fullest potential.

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