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Cultural coherence and diversity

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Individual Presentation Proposal Title: Cultural coherence and diversity In East Asia. Course Code: NAT 155BB Date: Nov 12, 2008 Name: MeiYao Li Student number: 012175071 Introduction In this research I will introduce the culture of East Asia and its characteristics, especially the coherence and diversity. First of all, it will focus on the coherence of traditional culture in East Asia, it is very extensive. Besides, the important part of cultural coherence is the inosculation. Specifically In terms of langue, and religion. Although different East Asia countries have the different langue and religions but somehow they all have the same historically root. However, being one of the largest regions, we are facing a great problem -- Globalization. Many countries have being westernized nowadays. Such as: China, Japan and Korea. As this point, I will discuss the diversity in East Asia culture. Keyword: Ideographic writing, Kanji, Feng Shui, Hui, tribal, PinYin * Unifying Cultural Characteristics Chinese writing systems Ideographic writing: form of writing in which symbol (ideograph or character) represents primarily an idea or thing rather than a sound. The Chinese writing system has one disadvantage is that it is difficult to learn (large number of characters). And it also has the advantage is that the speakers of different languages can use the same writing system. ...read more.


Japan always tend to regard their own culture, however, there is another group of people who consider themselves as other region called Ainu. Ainu peoples in the north of Japan, it is a homogenous society. Their language is significantly different from the Japanese language. Even the traditional culture was quite different too. Ainu people never shaving after a certain age. And men usually had full beard, they dress differently, live differently compare with Japanese. Ainu is currently considered to be a language isolated. Today Ainu people's population is much reduced. Furthermore, "To go back to the very beginning of Japan's modern period in 1868, the language practices then in use would have clearly identified someone in the terms of class and location."(Language and society in Japan) according to this point of view we know that in Japan people could recognize the region by the dialect they spoke. Moreover, Minority Groups in Japan, they have several Japanese dialects, most distinct on Ryukyu Islands, After World War 2 World War II World War II, or the Second World War, was a worldwide [i] conflict [i] fought betwe ... , the Ryukyus, like the rest of Japan, were occupied by US. Twenty years later, in 1972, the Ryukyus were returned to Japan. ...read more.


(China's Big Mac Attack). The Globalized Fringe What is globalization, in another word is the sameness. At the old time if a country want to conquerors other country, they will send armies, but today they will send McDonald's and Starbucks. China began to liberalize, open its doors in the 1970s and '80s. "As of June 1999, McDonald's had opened 235 restaurants in China. Hong Kong alone now boasts 158 McDonald's franchises." (China's Big Mac Attack) this is a great warning for us that we are losing our own culture. Americans had successfully kicked in Asia market. Soon or later people will dress same, eat the same food and watch the same movie. In the current time English is becoming a common language, many Asians study in the U.S., Canada. Reason why? People attracted to new things so quick. For example, the TV shows 'friends' and 'desperate housewives' are kept showing in China, and people like it so they want to learn English, and they actually want to see if U.S is really as cool as the shows. People in East Asia are so westernized by the imperialism country. They are in a globalized edge. However Japanese promoted really good market in North America, such as the electronics, cars and so on. In conclusion, East Asia's cultural not only has the coherence but also has diversity. East Asia will be more diversified in the following years. ...read more.

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