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Data Interpretation

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Data Interpretation My graph results show several different things. They are divided into 3 different groupings, Visitor Details, Activities at Box Hill and Management of Box Hill. My Visitor Details graph shows that most people travel to Box Hill by car, with the least favourite form of transport being bicycle and motorbike. Also my results show that most visitors go to Box Hill less than twice a year. An interesting fact shows that no one visits Box Hill once a week. However, my data shows that people visit several times a week. Also, my results show that the most amounts of people per group were 3 and surprisingly 4 were the least amount. Another statistic in one of my graphs indicates that the majority of people take 45 minutes or more to arrive at Box Hill. The graph shows that the different time scalings were fairly evenly spread out. Infact 26% of people said that it had taken them 1-15 minutes and 16-30 minutes to get to Box Hill. My Activities at Box Hill graphs show that most people come to Box Hill because they are after a short walk. My records also show that no one comes to Box Hill for a cycle. The majority of people seem to be after a short or long walk as 57% of people say so. ...read more.


I can understand 3 people being the most amounts per group because it's a family type place and it's a typical event for families to come and relax on a Sunday afternoon. People come for the comfort of other people in a place like this. Obviously why the majority of people take 45 + to arrive at Box Hill is because they either live far away or with Box Hill being so populated at times the traffic can be a huge time waster. But my results show that the time taken to arrive at Box Hill is very wide spread, which shows a mixture of things such as some people living far and close to Box Hill. I myself am quite bemused by how noone comes to Box Hill for a cycle. What is more expected is that short & long walks are in demand. This is expected because Box Hill is a more peaceful place where you would just expect people to do things like walks. Unsurprisingly because of the nature of Box Hill the main attraction of Box Hill is scenic views. I can see where the people are coming from because its very peaceful and a family type thing where you can relax. Also, peace & quiet was another unsurprising popularity because that's what Box Hill is all about. ...read more.


Not many people seem to be upset about any aspect of Box Hill; they would like some minor additions and improvements but on the general everyone is delighted about the way Box Hill is managed. Also, the visitors use the nature of Box Hill to their satisfaction such as picnics and so on. On the overall I get the feeling that everyone is impressed about every aspect of Box Hill. Finally, I believe that Box Hill is a successfully managed Country Park. From what I have gathered there are signs of evidence that support this statement. I think that one main reason why this is a successfully managed Country Park is because they know how to attract people here because of the attractions here. These are things like scenic countryside/views, Amenity Area, Viewpoint, The Whites, Donkey Green, Juniper bottom/top and the Stepping Stones. There are a wide variety of activities and other attractions that are very popular. The positive response of improvements at Box Hill that people were after such as more picnic areas, litter bins and benches on walks show the desire that people want to make this place even more superb. Also, nearly everyone seems to be happy with the parking facilities which further shows that the management of Box Hill is successful if the public are happy with the facilities. And just to top it all off EVERYONE believes that it is well managed ...... so they can't all be wrong! ...read more.

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