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Data logging

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Data logging In computing, the process, usually automatic, of capturing and recording a sequence of values for later processing and analysis by computer. For example, the level in a water-storage tank might be automatically logged every hour over a seven-day period, so that a computer could produce an analysis of water use. Weather logging Observations can be collected not only from land stations, but also from weather ships, aircraft, and self-recording and automatic transmitting stations, such as the radiosonde. Radar may be used to map clouds and storms. Satellites have played an important role in televising pictures of global cloud distribution. As well as supplying reports for the media, the Meteorological Office in Bracknell, near London, does specialist work for industry, agriculture, and transport. Kew is the main meteorological observatory in the British Isles, but other observatories are at Eskdalemuir in the southern uplands of Scotland, Lerwick in the Shetlands, and Valentia in SW Ireland. ...read more.


With the help of this diagram it is possible to predict the formation or otherwise of clouds, showers, or thunderstorms, and sometimes to identify the source region of the air mass. Observation stations may be classified as follows: Observatories where reliable standard and absolute measurements are made as far as possible with autographic instruments, which are often duplicated for checking and research purposes. Elements such as atmospheric electricity and solar radiation are measured only at observatories and other research establishments. Climatological reporting stations report the general daily weather conditions and make observations at standard hours during the day to provide cumulative data, such as average temperature, maximum and minimum temperatures, rainfall, sunshine, mean pressure, days of fog, frost, snowfall, and the extent and persistence of snow cover. After statistical analysis, climatic charts and tables are constructed showing the frequency of the different weather elements, such as gales and frost. ...read more.


Measuring and describing conditions meteorological observations, for whatever purpose, must be clear, precise, and strictly comparable between stations. It is easy to decide whether it is fine or cloudy, or if there is a thunderstorm; the distinctions between rain, snow, and hail are obvious; sleet is wet snow, melting snow, or a mixture of rain and snow; soft hail is halfway between snow and hail; and drizzle, which consists of very small drops, is halfway between rain and cloud, the water drops being just large enough to fall to the ground. It is useful also to describe rain as showery, intermittent, or continuous, as light, moderate, or heavy. The rate of rainfall and the total rainfall during a given period can be measured with a rain gauge. Wind strength and direction can be measured accurately by anemometers and wind vanes. Clouds are observed carefully, since they are closely related to other weather conditions. Fog and other hindrances to visibility indicate approaching weather conditions as well as being of great practical importance. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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