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Dear Minister, I am writing to inform you of the great destruction of the rainforests within Brazil.

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Kate Nicklin 15 Rowan Tree Road Killamarsh Sheffield S21 1FS ENGLAND 11th November Dear Minister: I am writing to inform you of the great destruction of the rainforests within Brazil, and to explain why this is a problem and what can be done about it. The Rainforest is being destroyed at a n alarming rate of around 1 hectare of forest lost per minute. If this rate of destruction continues there may not be a rainforest in 30-50 yrs. It is important that the rainforest is not lost, as it is a habitat for many creatures that can not survive anywhere else. It is also the native Indians home where they have lived for many centuries, they live in the forest producing crops and keeping live stock but not destroying the Forest. There is also many plants that cure illnesses and diseases that grow in it, there is also hope for miracle cures for cancer and the such like which need to be researched in to. From the Amazon basin alone there is half of the worlds oxygen produced. ...read more.


There are other affects to the rainforest such as the loss of medical research into the rainforests plants and the loss of existing plants, that cure disease and illnesses such as "cinchona" which can cure malaria. Scientist also hope to find many cures from unknown plants that could lead to a cure for AIDS or cancer. There are growing fears of flash flooding. When trees are removed there are no leaves to collect water to evaporate later or roots to soak up, making the rivers higher and the more likely hood of flooding. Deforestation of the rainforest could lead to soil erosion. Whilst the rainforest is there, there is a continual process of leaves, branches decaying and turning into nutrients (humus) which helps tree growth. When the land has been cleared there are no leaves to decay, the nutrients and humus are washed away because there was no protection, leaving the ground with only a little nutrients which causes the land to become more infertile. One affect that will affect us all is the burning of trees that will produce more Carbon Dioxide and less oxygen. ...read more.


Unfortunately I can see that there might be a problem animals may migrate but in each methods the animals do not stay and settlers might invade. Another solution you may consider is clear cutting it is much cheaper and a much larger profit can be achieved quicker, the land will regenerate if the area is small and left to recover, but unlike Agroforestry or "trees for annual crops or timber" the land is cleared and there isn't a canopy to protect the land which allows the nutrients to be washed away. You may prefer this method as it produces more money quicker, but it makes the atmosphere much drier, the road creates easier access for illegal loggers, it may cause rapid erosion and can cause silting down stream. This would not be any good for Indians as they may lose some of their land in the process. It also only works for logging and not cattle ranching or plantations this could cause conflict. In result I prefer Biosphere, agroforestry, or even trees for annual crop or timber. Other solutions you may cpnsider include Agroforestry, or Trees for annual crops or timber. Yours Sincerly Kate Nicklin Y9 Student Eckington Senior School KN May 2, 2007 Page 2 ...read more.

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