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Deforestation. Cause for concern?

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Deforestation. Cause for concern? Deforestation is... The definition of deforestation is the removal or damage to vegetation in a forest to an extreme extent. Deforestation is a slow-onset disaster that may contribute to other fatal disasters; it will reach catastrophic proportions after large areas of forest are damaged or removed. Slash and burn farming... A lot of the blame for tropical forest destruction can be shifted to slash and burn farmers. Slash and burn farming is where a clearing in the forest is made by cutting down trees and burning the stumps. Then the farmers grow crops for a few years until the soil fertility dissipates, then they will move onto a new patch of land. ...read more.


To stop these predictions coming true, new, strict logging laws were imposed, after these new laws the timber production rate fell, and re-forestation began to increase. Geographical distribution... A world survey was conducted in the early 1970's, and the results shown that 1/5 of the earths land is covered by closed forests and roughly another 12% of land is covered by open woodlands. North and South America, central Africa and Southeast Asia are rich in tropical forest whereas Asia, most of Africa and Central America have hardly any forest left. Deforestation rates in; Latin America: 10.4 mill acres a year Asia: 4.4 mill acres a year Africa: 3.2 mill acres a year Causes... ...read more.


Logging causes permanent loss of forests as when many people are done with them they just leave them for grazing fields instead of re-foresting them. Impact on buildings, communities and the economy... Deforestation has a particularly harmful impact on housing in poorer countries, and if the government were to make a serious impact to meet the housing problems, adequate housing supplies and wood, would not be available. With the lack of tropical rainforests around there obviously has been a lack of wood, causing firewood prices to soar, in the last few decades theses prices have multiplied over and over. Recovery... Re-forestation... In china and South Korea they have seriously increased their forested areas in recent times. All that is required for this to work is that people replant trees back into land that isn't being used or needed. ...read more.

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