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'Deforestation of the Amazon rainforest is a major global environmental issue, that only the Brazilian government can solve'

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Environmental issues 'Deforestation of the Amazon rainforest is a major global environmental issue, that only the Brazilian government can solve' Introduction Brazil is a country, which is situated in South America. Brazil has a major problem, which is debt of over one hundred billion dollars. The many foreign loans and multi national investments were taken out in the 1960's and 70's. To help to repay this huge debt, the Brazilian government has developed the Amazon rainforest. There are many useful resources that are in Brazil such as gold, copper, bauxite and many other resources. However to develop the country they have to allow developments to take place. Brazil has a high population of poor people. This mean's that labour is really cheap and many people need to work in order to make a little money. I have got all the fact's and information to decide if I agree or disagree with the above hypothesis. To do this, I am going to research and gather data from my school work, textbooks and perhaps the Internet and evaluate at the end the conclusion. In this assignment, I have used 6 main sources to back up my evidence throughout this assignment. Source A= Indian land conflict hits Brazil Source B= Amazon faces unexpected pressures Source C= "We're saving the forest" Source D= Researchers show Amazonian deforestation accelerating Source E= Brazil's prized exports rely on slaves and scorched land Source F= Brazil: Government to protect 50 million acres as environmental reserves. ...read more.


One person said that we were not respected and treated as animals, cattle ranchers would beat us severely because we'd refused to move out our land. It was as if no one cared about our traditions and way of life. The developments affect us globally as half of the oxygen we breathe comes from the Amazon rainforest, so if we go ahead with deforestation the next generation is going to suffer a lot. Many Amerindians claim the rainforest to be theirs as their ancestor's used to live in the rainforest. Over half of the medicines used by us come's from a rainforest. So by cutting the rainforest down it may affect many people's lives as a result. This is a picture of a part of the Amazon rainforest, which has been affected, by deforestation. Sustainable development is sensible development. Sustainable development would bring out an improvement in living conditions for people. However it should not harm or destroy the environment. It uses but doesn't waste resources, it improves but doesn't threaten ways of life. In some parts of Brazil sustainable development helps people live their lives today and ensures that their future stays undamaged. Sustainable development needs a lot of planning and needs the co-operation of people and nations to make Brazil a more sustainable country. Many countries from all parts of the world have shown a greater concern for the damaging effects of industrial growth. ...read more.


. Huge deposits of iron ore, gold, copper and bauxite have been discovered in the Amazon rainforest. Mining companies have felled trees and built roads to reach these deposits and used them for profits. Power stations: with an unlimited water supply and an ideal river, hydro electric power stations have been built to make cheap and plentiful energy for allsorts of uses. These stations provide a lot of cheap energy for industries and transport. More than 125 new HEP stations are to be built in the next 15 years, which is a major improvement. Many new roads have been built deep into the rainforest, these roads help transport timber, cattle and crops to markets which helps improve the Brazilian way of life. The Trans-Amazonian is the longest. It stretches 5300 KM across Brazil from East to West.People from parts of Brazil have settled along these roads. Multi-national companies have bought large areas of the rainforest, the beef from the cattle ranches has largely gone to fast food chains in the U.S and Europe to make into burgers. Ranching makes money as farmers sell their beef to the U.S and Europe. However these companies have burnt down the forest and replaced it with grass for cattle ranching. This has reduced the soils quality. Over 5o million acres of the Amazon rainforest in Brazil has been preserved by the Brazilian government, so no devolvement could take place within these areas and they will stay as natural as they were. i ...read more.

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