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Demography of England.

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Demography P 6 Birth Rates The birth rate is the number of live births born in England per 1000 per year. The number of live births in 2002 was 669 thousand. It has decreased in the last 100 years because 100 years ago, parents had many children, family sizes of 8 and 9. This was important in them days, as the parents would rely on their children to look after them, when they got older and for the children to go out to work. Nowadays family sizes are smaller, averaging couples, having babies later on in life, as women are wanting careers, also having children later on in life, therefore limiting how long they have got to conceive. Attitudes have changed over the years also, it is the 'norm' to have less children than 100 years ago. Death Rates The death rate is the number of people per 1000 population who die in a year. The number of deaths in the year 2000 was 10 per 1000. It has decreased in the last 100 years. It has fallen, because now we follow a better healthier diet, there is better sanitation, a better health service. ...read more.


Over the retiring age, there are more older people living in Britain. There are more people of the age of 75/80 years old. Older people make up a growing proportion of the total population. These people need more care to be looked after, they could have money worries, if they haven't got a occupational pension and only receive the basic state pension. The money would come from the National Insurance from the people who work to give the elders a better standard of living. There is however a positive outlook on retirement, they could spend time with their grandchildren, care for their son/daughter's children, while they go out to work, have more time to take up new hobbies and activities, or spend more time things they did not have time for, until retirement age. E.g. a trip around the world, further education. The Total Size of The Population In 2002, the British population was estimated at 59 million 229 thousand. The reasons for an increase in the population is that there is better living conditions, people are living longer, people are living up to there 70's and 80's, where as over 100 years ago, people were living only up to the ages of 40/50 years old. ...read more.


There may be no leisure facilities for the child. If the child moves to the city, it may not be suitable for children, again they may have to travel to school. It would be to busy to let the children play outside because of the traffic on the roads. It would also not be safe for the children to play. Migration This can affect children by leaving their friends and relatives behind. They will have to start a new school and meet new friends. Communication may be difficult, if the language of the child is different from the other children/people around them. The child may be unfamiliar to the way things are done and may feel or become very vulnerable. Schooling could be a problem of the communication barrier, it could affect the child on their social development, developing friendships and also their ability to learn. Children of today are more likely to be looked after by their grandparents or children going into child care, as the parents go out to work, as this is more common now for parents to go out to work rather than the father going out to work and the mother staying at home, where this would have be the case 100 years ago. ?? ?? ?? ?? Karen Powell ...read more.

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