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Describe the fieldwork and research you would undertake in order to examine the success of rebranding solutions in an urban area

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Describe the fieldwork and research you would undertake in order to examine the success of rebranding solutions in an urban area (15) For my research I would collect this secondary data by looking online on past and present blogs or forums to see opinions of residents and visitors about their views on the area before rebranding and after the rebranding of the area and how it was a success or a failure. I would look at photographs online, or in books, of the area, before and after rebranding had taken place to see the visual differences in the area. I would also research what was done to rebrand in the area, ie. ...read more.


Another element of research I would undertake is looking at maps, pior and post rebranding to see if there are any major road changes showing improvement in access to the area. Furthermore, Google earth would also be a place I would gather data from allowing me to analyse satellite images of the area and help me choice where I will conduct my fieldwork. Conducting my fieldwork in order to collect my primary data, I would start with posting questionnaires online asking people who live there or visit the area to voice their views on the area prior and post to rebranding and how they feel it has been a success, and a failure. ...read more.


In the area, I would go to several different places conducting an EQS rating the area from 1-5 on elements such as rubbish and graffiti. I would study the features of rebranding, e.g. a large shopping centre such as the Bullring in Birmingham and analyse them on visual appearance, business, green spaces, etc and yet again, compare these anaylsis with old photographs and accounts. Overall, I would compare the secondary data with the primary data I collected, highlighting the success and failures. When I went to Newham and conducted my fieldwork, the area haad been rebranded by London 2012 which involved creating stadiums and demolishing the brown field sites. I found that 90% out of 20 people were happy with the rebranding. However, I only asked a small number of people and this might not be a representitve for the whole population of Newham. ...read more.

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