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Describe the key features in the development of seaside holidays from 1901 to the 1930's with particular reference to Weston-Super-Mare

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Describe the key features in the development of seaside holidays from 1901 to the 1930's with particular reference to Weston-Super-Mare Seaside holidays were pioneered in the late 1800's and quickly became popular. By the beginning of the 20th century they were even more popular with more people actually having the money and free-time available to go on holiday. One reason for this rise in popularity was the decreasing number of hours people worked in a week. A 100 years ago, the average length of a manual workers week was 55 hours. In the 1920's it started to drop, being 8 hours less at the end of the second world war. The increasing amount of holiday time given to workers also made seaside holidays possible for anybody who wanted a 'sun and fun' filled break. ...read more.


1903 saw the speed limits raised from a meagre 2 miles per hour to a staggering 20 mph, and then up again to 30 mph by the start of the 1930's. This meant that more people in the local area would have had the possibility of going to Weston for a day trip in the summertime or for the Bank Holidays. All these factors all would have helped Weston become more developed as a seaside resort. Below are some of the ways that Weston evolved into a bigger, better and louder place to be. In 1904, Weston's main attraction as a seaside resort, the Birnbeck Pier, was overshadowed by the new Grand Pier. Situated right in the middle of the towns' main built up area opposite Regent Street, the Grand Pier had a main pavilion which could sit 2000 people for music events, as well as having other forms of entertainment. ...read more.


It was the biggest pool in Europe. A very key feature in the development in Weston though, would have been Weston Airport which was opened in 1936. Situated to the east of the resort, it would have seen huge numbers of people brought in from over the channel. It also would have been good at creating revenue and providing jobs around the area. In conclusion, the main features that affected the development of holidays were the invention of the car and the increase in the speed limit, the changing of working hours and pay, and the change in public attitudes to seaside resorts. Weston was affected by all these things as well as it ever-expanding array of public buildings and other man-made attractions. Phil Jones-Gerrard 10B Mr Keane 22/5/2003 ...read more.

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