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Describe the land use patterns typical of a suburbanised village in the UK and outline the way in which the patterns are changing.

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ESSAY QUESTIONS Describe the land use patterns typical of a suburbanised village in the UK and outline the way in which the patterns are changing. Suburbanisation is the increased movement of people, services and industries from the centres and inner urban areas outwards, towards and onto the edges of the built-up area taking over land that was previously rural. A suburbanised village has grown as a result of being populated by those who have moved out of urban areas. As this occurs in villages in the UK so the conversions of old barns and shops takes place. As a result the land use pattern has changed over the period of change. In Urchfont, Wiltshire, this has been extremely noticeable since the 1930s when the recession of the farming industry started. Prior to the suburbanisation of the village, the land use pattern would have been fairly simple for the village of Urchfont, and many other villages similar to it. ...read more.


Open spaces have been in filled with houses, and the spread of ribbon developments along the road are now more noticeable, as the structure of the villages becomes less clustered and more linear following the shape of the road. The original shops of the Urchfont have also been converted into homes for the new comers and the only shop that remains is the post office. As the village expands so does the land use pattern and the new housing developments and council houses are located on the periphery of the village. Suburbanisation can have both a positive and negative impact on a village. It is clear from Urchfont that the land use pattern also changes and the original villages may not support the urbanisation that is taking place. Explain where and why reurbanisation is an important process even if it is restricted to only a small percentage of the urban area. ...read more.


Gentrification is a process which occurs in inner city areas where old housing in need of repair is bought by middle class and wealthy people who have the money to modernise and improve the properties. As a result the residential status of the area has increased. This process of reurbanisation is most dominant in the London Docklands. The old houses in the docklands area have been ton down and replaced with modern apartments that overlook the river. This is important to an area because raises the status of an area that was once run down and derelict. The financial buildings of Canary Wharf are also improving the profile of the London docklands as they are slowing growing in capacity and wealth. It is forecasted that one day they may become the financial centre of London. Even though the reurbanisation may only be restricted to a specific region of the urban area it is clear that it is important to the area. It helps to raise the profile of the area, provide a variety of job opportunities and generate a healthy tourist interest. ...read more.

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