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Describe the physical and economic factors that may have made Bournemouth a crowded coast.

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Patrick Murphy, 12PS33 Essay: Describe the physical and economic factors that may have made Bournemouth a crowded coast. Bournemouth is Dorset's largest city. It has grown in size since the early 1800's to a population over 160,000 today. There are various reasons why Bournemouth is desirable and has attracted so many people. Bournemouth seems to have a certain charm that other British characteristics that many other seaside towns fail to offer. Physical: Bournemouth is situated on a Jurassic world heritage coastline meaning that it offers a beauty that other coastlines lack and people are aware of its beauty. Many new families are drawn to the area as they believe that it is a good area to raise a family, and that it holds good and secure prospects. Although not the vital factor when families relocate, people like to feel safe and have nice surroundings. ...read more.


The service sector in Bournemouth has taken off; more residents have seen employment in banking, finance and tourism/ leisure. JP Morgan, a large and well respected American ban has chosen Bournemouth to have a large office on the edge of the city, employing over 4000 people. With the likes of JP Morgan setting up offices here, it means that other banks such as Barclays and Abbey Life have chosen to have offices in Bournemouth. These companies also find Bournemouth desirable due to the university, with graduates finding well paid jobs in these footloose industries. This has some affect on stopping a brain drain that other seaside towns have experienced, with Bournemouth having a surprisingly bottom-heavy population for a British seaside town. Transport in and out of the city has greatly improved since the 1980's, in the late 80's the rail links were improved shortening the length of journeys to London to just 2 hours. ...read more.


They are not spending as much as people who would have once holidayed here for the week, but are still contributing to the upkeep of Bournemouth's economy. In conclusion, Bournemouth is a crowded coast due to having career prospects that entice the young to stay in the town. There is not as big a case of a 'brain-drain' that other coastal towns may experience. With over 62% of the population being under the age of 49 it means the town is not just a retirement town that other costal towns such as Walton- on- the - Naze have experienced. People inwardly migrate here due to the town's environmental diversity. Some middle class families find that raising children in a town such as Bournemouth is a safer environment than a city. Bournemouth is only 2 hours from London, offering cheaper house prices, a sluggish but achievable commute to London and its proximity to the national park the New Forest have all contributed to Bournemouth being a crowded coast in the 21st century. ...read more.

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