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Desertification - Using an area you have studied examine the extent to which desertification is caused by human activity.

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Geography Essay (a) Explain what is meant by the term desertification Desertification is the diminution and destruction of the biological potential of the land which can lead to desert like conditions. The first type of desertification is physical and this is caused by less rainfall total amount decreases every year, Global Warming which means higher temperatures, this means rivers and lakes dry up and vegetation dies so therefore less vegetation which leads to desertification The other type of desertification is caused by humans. Humans cause overgrazing by animals, over cultivation and deforestation this also leads to desertification. There are different types of desert conditions the first one is hot arid regions these receive less than 250mm of rain fall per year and semi arid regions receive between 250 and 500mm of rain fall per year. ...read more.


desert but I think this idea is not as correct as the first idea but this could happen in the most extreme circumstances. (b) Using an area you have studied examine the extent to which desertification is caused by human activity. To what extent has the humans had on the advance of desertification in the Sahel region. The characteristics of overgrazing these are when the number of grazing livestock exceeds the carrying capacity. The United Nations has declared in recent year the amount of animals being raised in the Sahel has more than doubled. The consequences of this are the removal o vital ground cover which makes the soil more susceptible to wind erosion. Also the trampling of vegetation this destroys ground cover and also compact the soil. ...read more.


The characteristics of Soil erosion are when top soil is removed by wind or rain. This is caused by Over-Cultivation, Overgrazing and deforestation and also cultivation of steep slopes. The consequences of this are loss of soil depth ad loss of soil fertility and also the reduction of soil moisture but after saying all that population increase does not mean it affects soil erosion. The characteristics of Salinisation are when there is an increase in the salt levels in the soil this is caused by poor irrigation or by too quick evaporation and deforestation. The consequences of salinisation are very serve including toxic soil and increase in the soils ph the loss of soil structure and finally accelerated salt weathering. To conclude I have talked about the affects and consequences of different things that might contribute to the desertification of the Sahel region. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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