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Development Report Of Burkina Faso

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Development Report Of Burkina Faso In this Development Report I will convey the development of Burkina Faso through the use of various statements and quality of life indicators. Burkina Faso is one of the poorest countries in the world, ranked 172 out of 174 countries on the Human Development Index. Burkina Faso is located in central Africa and therefore landlocked between six countries, meaning that is far from marine coastal links, has few natural resources and suffers from drought. It has an average population of 9.8 million people. I will compare Burkina Faso, a less economically developed country, to the United Kingdom, a more economically developed country. The quality of life indicators I will use to show the differences in development are: * Infant mortality * Malnourishment * Fertility Rate * Life Expectancy * Birth/Death Rate * Population Per Doctor * Population Doubling Time * Adult Literacy Rates * % of central government spending on education * Urban population * Access to safe, reliable water * Gross National Income Per Capita in US $ The infant mortality is the number of deaths during the first year of life per thousand live births. ...read more.


means that few doctors can be successfully trained and in turn ensure that there are more workers by ensuring that they are in good health. The birth rates of Burkina Faso are relatively high at 44.46 in comparison to 13 per 1000 in the United Kingdom. This leads to high fertility rates in women (which are at 6.7 children per woman, in the United Kingdom the fertility rate is much lower at 1.7 children per woman).This may be due to the need for families to be big to ensure that there are enough children to run the farms in cases where subsistence farming is used as the main method of getting food. Or maybe the high number of children in each family is a sign of virility to others. With the current birth rate the population shows signs of doubling in the next 23 years which is very short, (the time it will take for the UK's population to double is 433 years). ...read more.


The food gained from the aid is very cheap (or free) so the farmers making produce are forced to reduce their prices resulting in them getting less money. Burkina Faso has a very small urban population; 17.4% in comparison to the 98% of the UK this means that there are very few people in Burkina Faso that work in the tertiary or secondary sector. This shows that the country is undeveloped. In conclusion we see that the economy remains over-dependent on agriculture and other primary sector industry. This leaves the country's economy vulnerable to the possible changes in the weather and drought. The government cannot reach the education and health standards needed by the growing population. The growth in population cannot be supported by the country as it has sparse resources and also the internal migration out of Burkina Faso results in the loss of it's workforce. Burkina is dependent on large amounts of imported food and food aid, particularly in times of drought. It is unlikely that Burkina Faso will move up in the Human Development Index in the near future due to it's reliance on other countries and high debts. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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