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Devestating floods hit Bangledesh!

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Geography Coursework: Bangledeshi Floods DEVESTATING FLOODS HIT BANGLADESH!! Bangladesh is a country already tied down by huge economic debts, poverty and now a major flood - the biggest in 20 years. River floods occur when the amount of water flowing in a drainage basin or watershed (the area that collects and directs the surface Water into the streams that drain it) exceeds the carrying capacity of rivers Which drain the area. The annual monsoon's that hit the bengali coast lashed down, causing two of the biggest rivers in Asia, the River Ganges and the River Brahmaputra, to but there banks, thus flooding the capital city Dhaka and other key areas. Also as a result of this flood, one of the main Bengali exports and item of trade, rice, has been more or less lost. This will cause a severe dent in Bangladeshi's already floundeing economy. With the estimated clean up cost of the flood being the highest in the country's history, It looks like the Bengali government will have to plunge there country further into debt. Of the 126 million people living on this south - Asian delta, 83% of them live in rural areas, mainly farming rice and wheat on fertile areas of land, which are unfortunatly prone to flooding each year. ...read more.


The result is more water entering the rivers and raising River levels, increasing flooding Increased Burning Off Fossil Fuels and Deforsetation All Over The Earth. Increased need for fuels for vechiles, and homes, Mainly in the west. Also rich people want more luxeries and different materials need to be produced. More carbon dioxide (co2) is being emmited into the atmosphere, less trees are available to take in the co2 and change it into oxygen. This has lead to global warming, which has changed climates all over the earth. In Asia, the climate change has been mostly more precipitation, which adds to the river levels Indian Government Building Dam. The Indian government built the dam at Farraka to provide electricity to parts of major cities such as Calcutta, also to reduce flooding in there country. The building of a dam leads to a decrease in the velocity of the flow of a river, there the sediment in a river settles faster, which means that the river bed level rises, which causes water levels to rise, increasing the chance of flooding. The Population Build-Up On The Flood Plains In Bengladesh. Due to a steep rise in population in Bangladesh, the urban areas have become over-crowded, thus these areas have been spilling out into the areas most affected by flooding, As people have been looking for new areas to build there homes and graze there animals. ...read more.


I think this idea isnt very good, as it isnt very safe and it doesn't help stop the problem. Providing emergency stores of farm replacemnts is very cheap and would help a lot of farmers in the region. It would also help get the farmers back to work very quickly. This idea isnt very good because it shuns away from the problem of flooding, it deals with the conseqeunces and not the problem. Sinking new tubewells would ensure safe drinking water for all people affected by floods in Bangladesh and reduces the amount of deaths due to people not drinking safe water. This idea isnt very expensive, I like this idea and think it would realy help the popel of Bengladesh. Constructing a new communication centre would help organise evacuations and provide information for the people Bengladesh, its quite costly but would help a lot. This solution is a good one as it would help a lot and save a lot of lives. I think that the government of Bengladesh should build embankments all along the river, this would stop flooding all together in this country, and it would save thoushands of lives, a lot of money in the long run and the country's economy. This will help the people of Bangladesh immensly, allowing them to build of land that is sometimes prone to flooding and also will help to cut out flooding that area for the forseeable furture. ...read more.

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