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Dharavi is an Indian national disgrace and an embarrassing blot on Mumbais desire to become a world city How far do you agree with this statement?

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?Dharavi is an Indian national disgrace and an embarrassing blot on Mumbai?s desire to become a world city? How far do you agree with this statement? Dharavi has been noted as being one of the largest and oldest slums in Asia. It is located in the heart of India?s financial capital in Mumbai and can be seen as a combination of neighbourhoods, each with their own unique character, which have been shaped by waves of migrants who came from the four rural corners of India. A world city is a city that acts as a major centre for finance, politics, trade and business. A suburb is a residential area outside a city?s central area. Mumbai is situated in the west of India and next to the Arabian Sea, as in figure 1, with a population of 14,350,000 people spreading over 603 KM2 making it India?s largest city, Dharavi is in the south of Mumbai, as in figure 2, with a population of 600,000 people and spreading over 2 KM2. ...read more.


The lack of sanitation is something that would be seen as a bad reflection of Mumbai as a whole making some people views it as an ?embarrassing blot? on Mumbai. Despite this, Dharavi holds thousands of tiny industries within the slum providing jobs for the residents. 80% of the residents in Dharavi work there. The slum also has a very close net community and spirit however, home to many orphans which may doubt Mumbai on its ability to become the world city it desires to be. Due to the increase of FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) there has been talk of redeveloping Dharavi and a committee has been setup called Dharavi Redevelopment Project (DRP) and headed by the Slum Rehabilitation Authority (SRA) has been a controversial scheme formed with a goal to rehabilitate the entire slum and to re-house all of the residents which have around 72,000 families, also with the money the committee would look to build better infrastructure in and around the area of Dharavi which would increase tourism and generate more income for those businesses in that area. ...read more.


Previously I spoke about the DRP and the SRA, they had an initial plan to redevelop the area and provide each family with a 250 square foot apartment, and however this would not allow residents to carry out their businesses due to such small of space. FIGURE 6- Slum of Dharavi FIGURE 5- Favelas of Rio I conclude that despite the negatives Dharavi bring upon Mumbai, I felt the positives overshadow the negatives. Dharavi should be praised on being able to create its own small economy, which other communities may struggle to attain anywhere in the world. Also the city has to recall the history behind the slum due to it being the fundamental to Mumbai?s growth in becoming the world city it wishes to be. This is why I differ with the comment ?Dharavi is an Indian national disgrace and an embarrassing blot on Mumbai?s desire to become a world city?; because in my opinion I consider Dharavi is not a national disgrace of and humiliation to Mumbai. BY Aadam Abd-Al-Khaliq ...read more.

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