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Dharavi Regeneration Essay

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Dharavi Essay Dharavi is one of the biggest slums in the world. It is located to the east of Mahim bay to the north of the Central Business District (CBD). It started as a marsh area that gradually became a shanty town; which then became a permanent area of the city. In 1999, its population was 750,000(now well over 1million), with a population density of 230,000 people per square kilometre. The value of this land has risen dramatically because of rural to urban migration which has caused population density to rise in the CBD so much that now there is not enough land for residents to reside; residents therefore now live on land worth millions of pounds making this land full of controversy in many respects. The main problem for Dharavi started due to rural-urban migration the population has grown beyond control to the point of where approximately 50% of Mumbai's population live in slums (Dharavi being the biggest). This has led to Dharavi being composed of 'make-do' housing (such as fabric, plywood or recycling materials). On top of that 200 families have to share one stand pipe for clean water and two toilets (though the figures may be even more drastic as other figures ...read more.


In contrast, the wealthy side of town consist of places of high rise tenements such as those in the CBD such as Malabar hill. It is a former colonial area but is now home to Mumbai's rich it provides elevation and stunning views next to the coastline. This part of Mumbai is less densely populated and even has parks and open space which are not seen elsewhere. Yet, there are still problems in Dharavi such as those of air and noise pollution due to the tanneries and pottery also high congestion means that this situation has become worse; which has led to respiratory problems (cancer and tuberculosis being one of them). Also, as people have informal jobs pay can go up as well as down causing people to have bad diets and weak immune systems hence spread of illnesses is more likely. Things are getting better as Mumbai has proposed a regeneration plan which aims to help the situation from deteriorating. A scheme aims to provide 'free' tenements that are being built for 87,000 residents who can prove that they have resided there since 1995 and 'spares' will go in the market for sale. ...read more.


This could be amplified by the fact that very small enterprises may be forced to close as extra land is at market price this will create a domino effect as specialist business which make Dharavi special such as jewellery, tanning, pottery and recycling along with polluting industries also shut down due to new laws could cause the economy as a whole to go down. Mostly the very poor will be effected increasing poverty and unemployment in the area. Then again not everything is bad as Dharavi is just short of the Mithi River and is on high land. Therefore there are high prices on the land and people within enterprises are entitled to 225 square foot of land 'free to sell'. In short Dharavi's poor and economy provided by the area will plummet especially in the long run. Some residents will be provided housing and better services though this may only be thinking in the short-term as 3rd party businesses think more about profits as rent of the area increases. Essentially, most lower class citizens will be pushed to the suburbs of Mumbai and wealthy people with take their place. Ultimately leading to the regeneration of Dharavi. ...read more.

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