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Differences in the woodland ecosystem are the result of different management strategies!

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Differences in the woodland ecosystem are the result of different management strategies! Introduction: In this piece of work, I am studying the hypothesis, "Differences in woodland ecosystems are the result of different management strategies." This means the way woodlands are managed affect the ecosystems. Places like Bishops wood, need to be looked after and carefully managed, if they are to remain attractive. Bishops wood is very large park and attracts over 90 million visitors a year. People who work for the park are experts in planning, conservation and land management. They help to care for the landscape and look after the needs of visitors. They are also concerned about the people who live and work there. ...read more.


Spaced out branches lets more rain reach the ground, leaving the soil damp, enabling 32% moss to grow on the ground. Estate: In the coniferous woodland there were warning signs, to prevent visitors from entering unsafe areas. There were also fences surrounding the park to prevent people littering, and to stop animals from escaping onto dangerous roads. Recreational: No signs of recreational management were found. This is because the park doesn't want to attract visitors to the coniferous woodland, as they may cause damage. If the trees get damaged then less trees will be manufactured, this means the park will earn less money. All four management strategies are used in the deciduous woodland. ...read more.


there where benches and tables for visitors to relax and have picnics on. There was also a play area for children to play in; this keeps them away from getting lost in the woods and getting hurt on roads. Educational and community: Around the park there wear big boards for the community, with maps of the park and educational information about specific wildlife and trees in the park. Coniferous woodlands are easier to maintain than deciduous woodlands. The different ways woodlands are managed, affects the amount of light and rain that reaches the floor. This also affects temperature, soil ph and soil moisture. All of these affect growth of trees and plants. So therefore looking at what I have found out I conclude, that I agree with the hypothesis, "Differences in woodland ecosystems are the result of different management strategies." ...read more.

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