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Discuss the challenges for Caribbean society as it seeks to achieve national unity in a context of cultural diversity

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Name: Anique Atherley Form: Lower 6 Science 2 Date: 17th March 2004 Subject: Caribbean Studies Assignment: Discuss the challenges for Caribbean society as it seeks to achieve national unity in a context of cultural diversity. [30 marks] There have been many attempts for the Caribbean nations to come together as one, leading to national unity in the region. Some attempts at unity include: Federation, CARICOM (Caribbean Community), CARIFTA (Caribbean Free Trade Association), CDB (Caribbean Development Bank), UWI (University of the West Indies), CXC (Caribbean Examinations Council), and recently CSME (Caribbean Single Market and Economy), which is still in the process of being carried out. The Caribbean's aim is to come together socially, economically, and politically and to try to work as one nation. However, there are many cultural differences between the countries, which constantly impede amalgamation of the Caribbean territories; aspects of culture such as race, religion, language, governmental systems, history, values and morals and so on, are all different in each territory and place a barrier between any integration of the countries. ...read more.


If proper communication cannot go on, then proper conclusions cannot be made, and any progress politically is extremely slow. Also, the people will not feel a sense of Caribbean unity, if they cannot understand or relate to their other Caribbean residents. Lots of segregation of language will occur if national unity was achieved, and that would deceive the whole idea of unity. With many different cultures and religions, come many different festivals and bank holidays. If the Caribbean were to come together, then all these festivals would have to be celebrated. All the Christian festivals, Hindu festivals, then each country would want their remembrance days for different important people in their history to be celebrated, and the amalgamated nation would end up with almost three weeks in holidays. The different religions are tied with the different histories of each country, these different histories bring about some of the different festivals in the countries, and these countries feel like they need to celebrate these events as they think it is important to their individual country. ...read more.


This refusal to join mentally with the other countries of the Caribbean will hinder the development of any national unity in the region. With different economies, there are many different currencies in the Caribbean, one big problem, would be how to figure out what currency to put. Do they put one that is stable? Or do they put the most common one? Whatever the decision, once again, everyone is not going to agree, and this could become a serious problem, especially at governmental level. A different stable currency for all Caribbean islands, however, would put us higher on the world trading market. For all the Caribbean territories to merge, full cooperation and hard work needs to be put in. At the current moment, there are too many differences between islands for a merger to happen. While a merger would be the ideal event we as the Caribbean need in order to survive on the world market, many people in the islands do not want it to happen. With globalisation coming into effect, this amalgamation should rapidly occur, but it is not going to happen, because of all the challenges the cultural differences pose. 1 ...read more.

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