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Discuss the impacts of the influx of foreigners and immigrants into Singapore.

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´╗┐Discuss the impacts of the influx of foreigners and immigrants into Singapore. All of a sudden, the floodgates were flung open and Singapore was swarmed by foreigners who now make up 36 percent of Singapore?s population. To make up for Singapore?s small and ageing population, the government started introducing foreign talents and workers into Singapore. This influx of foreigners and immigrants has led to both positive and negative impacts such as falling productivity, depletion of Singapore?s skilled manpower and rising economic growth. Firstly, falling productivity due to rising competition is one of the impacts of the influx of foreigners. The question to be asked is this, are enough jobs being created for this influx in the present? ...read more.


Furthermore, another impact of this influx is the depletion of Singapore?s skilled manpower. The number of Singaporeans emigrating to live abroad is on the rise. In 2001, there were 66,000 Singaporeans living and working in Australia, US, Canada and New Zealand. As the majority of these emigrants are in the higher income and skills category, this outflow, if sustained in the longer run, will lead to a depletion of Singapore?s skilled manpower. While temporary overseas employment stints by citizens contribute to the accumulation of invaluable human capital and overseas contacts to further the nation's globalization efforts, the possibility of a permanent drain of the local talent pool is a real concern. The increasing foreign talent pool could possibly induce more citizens to seek permanent employment overseas. ...read more.


?Foreigners are not here to steal our jobs, but to help us enlarge the economic pie,? assured Prime Minister Lee in a National Day Rally. Singapore is emerging as a regional hub for biotechnology, biomedical and alternative energy industries due to the influx of foreign talents. Thus, the influx of foreigners and immigrants into Singapore has the impact of boosting Singapore?s economy. In conclusion, there are both negative and positive impacts of the influx of foreigners and immigrants into Singapore. Although the influx of foreigners and immigrants has its merits, it must be carried out in a pragmatic way taking into account the sentiment of local Singaporeans. Singapore should continue to attract top quality people from around the world, while investing further to provide the best opportunities for Singaporean talents to grow and develop, so that the influx of foreigners will benefit both the economy and the local people. ...read more.

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3 star(s)

An evaluation of the economic impacts of immigration on Singapore. This answer could be improved by considering social and cultural impacts in addition to economic ones.
3 stars

Marked by teacher Molly Reynolds 20/08/2013

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