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Discuss the relative importance of Human and Physical factors in controlling population distribution?

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Question: Discuss the relative importance of Human and Physical factors in controlling population distribution? Population distribution can be described as the number of people living in a certain area. Sparsely and densely populated areas are important when control has to be discussed. In this essay I will first explore the physical factors of sparsely and densely populated areas and then the human factors of these areas and the importance of the total control of population distribution. The physical factor of sparsely populated area is the shape and size of the land, include mountains, cliffs, forests, volcanoes and even frozen soils. The climate is also included as, a low annual rainfall or a high humidity rate can cause people to move away from this particular area because long seasonal rainfall or droughts are not the easiest place to farm or live and especially for industry which need a constant rainfall and droughts will limit there water supply. The Physical factor of a densely populated areas is the flat land and space to expand as this attracts the industry. ...read more.


Sparsely populated places are where the government or big business fail to invest in and causes them not to have any potential for people and then the economy fails to impress other business economically or socially. Other things such as wars and racial problems that occur for example South Africa as industry was growing there to its climax until the black Africans began attacking the white industry and damaging the industry so they lost a lot of business and companies either moved on or went bankrupt. The human factor of densely populated areas is basically the opposite of a sparsely populated area as to have a densely populated area it has to have a large electrical supply, cheap labour and lots services which all attract workers and industry. Transport also has to be constructible with no major obstructions as all towns and industry sites need an easy and well-organised form of transport. Decisions that affect the distribution and control of the population is creating new shopping centre's like 'Blue Water', which affected a lot of people in that particular area as new industries have entered the region which brought jobs and people to an area which was waste land. ...read more.


This helps to control the distribution. To control the population things have been made like visas so that not every one moves to a particular place and industry being asked to go world wide and workers move to new and spaced out countries which controls the population and industries like this as cheap labour and space to extend there industry. In the past population was distributed other ways as the water supply was the only way of transport of the merchandise so physical was slightly more important. Hilltops were seen as the best places to build castles for defensive reasons and even meander where used for protection. The markets were made for merchants near these rivers as well so the human and physical aspects affected the distribution of the population. Both Human and Physical factors have a relative importance in controlling the population distribution, supplies like coal, oil and water supply are all physical factors and then there are human factors like investments from government and companies and opportunities for work and education in a certain area. Geography Higher Physical and Human factors On Population Raffaele Russo 02/05/2007 ...read more.

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