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Do the benefits of using fertilisers for improving Plant productivity outweigh the implications To the environment?

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Do the benefits of using fertilisers for improving Plant productivity outweigh the implications To the environment In my point of view I think that fertilizers are of use to the environment in some ways but can also be potentially damaging in others. The term fertilisers is stated as " A substance usually added to soil to increase its ability to support plant growth" by Encarta. This shows that fertilisers are needed to keep soil in good conditions to allow the maximum productivity for plant growth. This is why they are important to the agricultural industry because they allow maximum productivity and higher yields, meaning more money for the farmer. But fertilisers can also be potentially hazardous to the environment; they can pollute local water supplies, harm humans and animals and can add to the amount of volatile gases being added to the atmosphere. Firstly fertilizers are potentially good for the environment in ways that they improve the soil structure and nutrient content, this therefore improves plant growth. ...read more.


This element can become fixed in the soil it is not freely moving allowing problems with uptake from the plant. And potassium, which is mainly, lastly needed in large quantities from the plant the role of opening and closing the stomata in the leaves. There is often a lack of it in the soil. So fertilisers add these vital nutrients in the soil, to allow the plant to be in a healthy condition and have maximum productivity for farmers for agriculture and flower growing. This has many economic benefits, which Is why I believe that fertilisers are needed and sometimes the environmental issues have to be overlooked. Because if fertilisers are used carefully and correctly they do not harm surrounding environment they only help improve nutrients in the soil, which are good for plant productivity. This is such, as good farm practice doesn't allow any misuse of fertilisers. Firstly to do this farmers can set up mineral book keeping systems, this allows farmers to keep a check on the minerals, which are inputted into the soil, so no misuse. ...read more.


This is because of when the nitrates or phosphates enter the water supply they immediately absorbed by plants (such as algae) to improve their growth. This means that the algae population will suddenly massively increase, and coat the top of the water supply and use up much of the remaining oxygen in the water supply. This means that plants at the bottom die of lack of sunlight and animals can die through lack of oxygen, which has been used up by the algae. This ruins the ecosystem of the water supplies and the food chain around that area is dramatically effected because animals which used fish to feed off. No longer have these animals as there food supply so in turn decreases amount of plant dwelling animals. This is called eutrophication, nitrates and phosphates polluting water supplies. This is a strongly negative reason why fertilisers should not be used in the environment, because they are very hazardous to surrounding wildlife. And when not used correctly like this the risks of using them are too high on the treat to the environment, so practices to monitor their content in the soil is vitally needed if they should be used. Sarah Harris Page1 ...read more.

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