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Do trees modify their environment?

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Introduction. The course work I am doing is to investigate and test the two-following hypothesis. The first one is " Do tree's modify their environment", and the second one is "Differences in woodland ecosystems are the results of different management strategies". These first hypothesis means do trees change their surroundings, and the second on is different woodland surroundings means different types of management. To help answer these two hypotheses I will break them down into two or three smaller ones. Also I will use the data I collected in the woodlands of Wye valley I show this data in forms of table's graphs and pie charts. Wye Valley. Wye valley is place in Wales were 50 pupils went in the summer for a residential. We all went to Russell's Inclosure, which is on the border of Wales and England. This is a part of the Forest of Dean. The forest is very old and covers over 477 hectares of the land. The forest is well kept and preserved as it managed by the Royal society for the protection of birds. In the woods of Russell's Inclosure is where had collected most of our data and statistics. I have marked out where it is on the following page. When we were in the woods we took many a lot of data down. We had a twelve-meter transact and for every four metres we wrote down the ground cover, we got the ground cover by placing a square quadrate down on the floor. ...read more.


The mediums cover for the coniferous and deciduous woods across the path are dead grass and dead leaves. The lowest ground cover for coniferous and deciduous woods across the path is twigs, violet, dead leaves, moss and stones and bracken. The second hypothesis I am going to investigate is " Were there are coniferous trees it will be darker and lower in temperature compared to that of the deciduous woods. I have predicted this because in the coniferous woods it is darker and lower in temperature because of the way the trees are planted. They are planted in rows and are nicely placed together so they block out most sunlight coming through to the ground of the woods. I also have predicted this because whilst being in the woods I noticed a lot of moss growing. Moss grows in dark and damp places were the temperature is low. The temperature in the coniferous woods was really low and it wasn't very warm. The deciduous woods have a higher temperature because the trees are grown in patches because they need a lot of space to grow as there leaves tend to grow following the sun and form a canopy to the under ground. So were there are gaps sunlight can creep through heating the ground. This is also why the deciduous woods have a better ground cover then of the coniferous woods. To prove my prediction I have my results for backup. In my pie charts of the coniferous woods it shows that moss is growing because of the condition are suitable for it to grow. ...read more.


This is a good idea as all people are attracted to one place and there are shops and fun things around. This helps, as not many will eat while in the forest and this could lead to less damage done to the forest. Conclusion. Over all I think that the hypothesis is correct. Because the woods are changing because of the management. The fences and post stop animals going into the woods and destroying plants or trees and it is the same for the humans. The woods are managed in a way so that they can make and the coniferous trees are maintained for Christmas times so they can be sold so the keep them in good condition all year round. The honeypoting is a way to make money and give education to the people and a pleasant place to rest and relax. I have really enjoyed doing this investigation. This is because I got to go to Wye valley for a week with my friends and enjoy my self and at the same time get vital information my work. I liked collecting the data in the woods as it was fun and I got all data I needed. Even though I got my information I came across many problems. Some of my results were mixed up on my paper and it was very hard to get the results. It took a lot of time and patience as we were out in the fields for a long time and every one and I was getting very tired. The write up I didn't like, as it was quite difficult. Overall I am pleased with my work and all graphs and charts made for the final write up. ...read more.

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