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Does Churchill's description of the operation (source B) support the evidence of the sources C and E?

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2. Does Churchill's description of the operation (source B) support the evidence of the sources C and E? Source B is supported by source C because they both show land/sea and air this in source C with the 3 children in each uniform of the armed forces, this show that the operation was on a huge scale and would be difficult to organises this is also backed up by the amount of books shown in source C and the expression on Churchill's face. "The most complicated and difficult" this is also shown in source C through the placement of Churchill that he is in a library and that he is thinking also that the operation has been complicated and took lots of planning by all the maps and books on his desk this mission was going to be the biggest and most tactical operation of its time, there are however differences between the sources B and C these are that B doesn't show how hard Churchill has thought about the operation however it does show his confidence which source C does not. Also source C shows how young a lot of the soldiers were and how eager they are to go to war. Source B mentions that there is likely to be a lot of casualties whereas C doesn't this is because C is a poster designed to boast moral and B is a speak made to the houses of parliament so it is ...read more.


from this I can tell that the success of the Allied invasion was partly or maybe fully down to a German failure and their weaknesses. However source G also states that the Allied forces almost everywhere didn't achieve their specific objectives and in the case of the American Omaha beach they were close to defeat against the poor quality of defences. Omaha beach had no tanks support 27 out of 32 of which sunk and suffered 2,000 casualties however weakly defended the beaches were they were still underestimated at the Omaha beach. However the Germans were not as heavily guarded elsewhere therefore they underestimated how many troops and to the scale that the allied forces would be coming. My knowledge on the beaches is that the Sword and Juno beaches had a higher death rate than was anticipated, that the Utah beach was a success and only suffered 200 casualties, at Gold beach there was a success and the Allied forces were able to set up the harbour that is pictured in source D here. Source I states that "things did not go altogether according to plan", from this I can tell that what success there was on D-Day was limited and there were many mistakes made. The source also comment on that Montgomery claimed that D-Day did go to plan, from this I can tell that at the time the truth of what was really happening wasn't revealed and on many occasions there were false statements made to keep morale high this is an explain of propaganda. ...read more.


British intelligence that German's believed were on their side but were feeding them false information showing false photos of the Allied forces preparing on the beaches of Dover this was to make the German defences believe that the attack was coming to Calais if this had failed and they had found out where the attack was really going to happen then the success of D-Day may not have been a success it may have been a complete failure because in the case of Omaha beach they couldn't get through light defences in comparison to what would of awaited them at the coast of Calais. Source C shows Churchill's furrow planning and attempt to predict every eventuality and how much pressure he was under to makes sure that the operation was a success, Source B shows how Churchill knew that the operation could go either a way and he stated it "cannot be fully foreseen" Source I is a historians account of the D-Day beach landings, he states that the things didn't complete according to plan he states that the Americans landed successfully on one beach but at the other they disembarked to far out, and that the British dallied for a long time at their beaches this shows that however good the planning is, it can not take into account what happens on the day this is down to luck and the soldiers on the beaches. ?? ?? ?? ?? Sam Willgoss 11:12 D-Day Coursework ...read more.

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