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Environmental Audit Assignment: The Company that I am analysing is BP (British Petroleum).

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Environmental Audit Assignment From: Petra Belo To: Eddie Pargeter Hand In Date: 12/12/03 Course: BA Marketing Management Abstract: The Company that I am analysing is BP (British Petroleum). British Petroleum Company PLC Public Company Incorporated: 19909 as Anglo-Persian Oil Company Employees: 118,050 Sales: �41.71 billion (US$80.51 billion) Stock Exchanges: London, New York, Toronto, Tokyo, Paris, Zurich, Amsterdam, Frankfurt Company History British Petroleum (BP) is one of the worlds leading oil companies, and one of the United Kingdoms largest corporations. The company, which was the pioneer of the Middle Eastern oil industry, having discovered oil in Iran before World War I, is now engaged in all aspects of oil exploration, production, refining, transportation, and marketing. It has significant interest in chemicals and plastics, including a range of specialty products- mostly detergents, advanced composite materials, and advanced ceramic engineered materials. The new BP The new BP has a long and exciting history that goes back more than a century. The company is made up of four companies, each with its own proud history: BP, Amoco, ARCO and Castrol. These histories are so often intertwined, that coming together as one company makes a great deal of sense. ...read more.


They estimate that new technology has allowed them to cut the costs by 40% in the last decade. They have also used technology to significantly reduce there emissions to the environment and to make the operations five times safer than they were a little more than a decade ago. The company currently spend more than $1 billion each year developing and applying new technologies. Technology is vital to BP's business. It underpins the search for oil and gas. It stimulates innovation. Through technology, they can make more efficient use of the resources the company have already found. It helps to create new chemicals and find new sources of energy, and makes it easier to control costs, protect the environment and improve safety. Social and Environment issues Swot Analysis (Social issue) There goals and expectations related to social and environmental issues are clearly stated within BP's business policies, which focus on: 1. ethical conduct 2. employees 3. relationships 4. health, safety and environmental performance 5. control and finance 6. policy implementation and assurance There new brand symbolizes the commitment to performance in all these dimensions, while the business policies set out there aspirations in detail. ...read more.


Now, in a new company, they have the opportunity to express what they believe in on a broader scale. Just as in commerce, where the key advantage of a large enterprise is reach and the ability to apply skills and experience across a wide canvas, so, in terms of there aspirations to be a power for good in the world, the new base gives them the opportunity to apply the values and diverse experiences in a wider range of circumstances. More important, they can keep learning from there extensive range of activities, and can apply this learning to everything that they do. The spreading of knowledge is the true secret of progress. Five Forces to the Organisation According to Porter's model, the structure of competition in an industry can be described in terms of five major "forces", including: * The intensity of rivalry among existing firms (Amoco, Castrol and Arco) * The threat of entry * The threat of substitutes * The power of buyers * The power of suppliers * Each of these forces is in turn determined and influenced by a number of different factors, which require separate analysis. The interaction of the five forces taken together gives an impression of how attractive the industry is to the firms within it. ...read more.

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