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Environmental Problems Related To Mining

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ENVIRONMENTAL PROBLEMS RELATED TO MINING Without mining we would have no cars and no computers or washing machines, but mining can also bring big environmental problems. * Huge amounts of rock are dug up to get small amounts of ore. For example, 1,000 tonnes of rock may produce just 5 tonnes of copper. This leaves huge scars on the landscape (if it's surface mining) or huge holes under ground. * Holes from underground mining cause land to sink or subside. This is happening around the salt beds in Cheshire. The result is serve damage to buildings. ...read more.


These can get washed into the soil and streams from mining processes. They can kill fish and plant life and can end up in your food. * Governments are getting even tougher with mining companies about damage to the environment. Sadly, in developing countries were much mining takes place, laws may be less strict. SOCIAL AND ECONOMIC PROBLEMS RELATED TO MINING * Native people may be forced off land to make way for mining, as happened to the Aborigines in Australia in the 1960s and 70s. ...read more.


* Mining does create jobs. But local people may not have the skills that re needed - for example, to look after complex equipment or analyse data. Most of the best jobs may go to the outsiders. * Mining may bring other industries to an area. For example, factories to make metals good, but very often this does not happen. * When a mine closes down - as it will eventually - local people may be left with nothing to show but a ruined environment. For example, when the tin mines on the Jos Plateau in Nigeria closed in the 1980s they left a disaster area. ...read more.

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