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Environmental Terrorists (Development or Destruction?) - A proposal for a 40 minute documentary.

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Environmental Terrorists (Development or Destruction?) A proposal for a 40 minute documentary After decades of methodical environmental damage, it has become apparent that our vital life support system (Mother earth) is getting worse and in a general state of decline. One question on the minds of many people is: What happens at the end of this decline? We are often told that we can adapt to the present state of the environment. But this assumption is increasingly being shown up to be false, as we observe the effects of global warming, the pollution of the eco-systems, potential changes in the food supply, ocean currents, costly weather changes, the destruction of raw materials (such as timber) and much more. In any effort to educate the public and politicians towards action concerning the environment, three questions must be answered honestly and convincingly: ? Are we heading for a collapse of the world's ecosystems that sustain us? ? What are the effects of man made environmental damage on local and global communities? ?Can we restore the environment and work alongside Nature instead of against Her? For some, the answers to these questions are fundamental to their very existence. How long are we prepared to wait and watch as the environment rebels and fights back against Nature's 'terrorists'; whilst people, communities and populations are destroyed by mankind's insistence on taking more than we are willing to put back? In this verity documentary my team and myself, will focus and examine the devastating effects environmental neglect and over consumption of raw materials has had on a small village on an Indonesian Island named Bukit Lawang. ...read more.


We will attempt to define and clarify what 'logging' actually is (using computer generated graphics and on-site filming) and also interview both legal and illegal loggers (through the use of an interpreter) if possible. We shall also contact and get the views of local and global environmentalists and environment scientists to give views, research and scientific evidence to support any claims made. We then progress to the actual flooding of Bukit Lawang, using archive video footage (with permission) from BBC News, CNN and Lonely Planet of the tragedy. This first section will be heavily narrated, and will include video footage, newspaper clippings, sound bites and photographs (again with permission) of the event. Example scene: Video footage of total havoc and devastation: the villagers piling the bodies of the dead high into a pile. Children crying, clinging to mothers, homes being washed away and destroyed in front of the very eyes of the owners, and the clean up operation undertaken by the army in trying to rescue survivors. (The mood will be very somber and frightening; the music chosen will also reflect this.) Footage will be included of Environment Minister Nabiel Makarim claiming the disaster was "Exacerbated by extensive illegal logging in the hillside area." And also describing the illegal loggers as "terrorists, with the consequence of the disaster being as dangerous as a nuclear bomb!" This will also be tied up with filming the effects of the flood on the villagers who have lost family and loves one's in the flood, children who have been orphaned, schools destroyed ...read more.


Scientific evidence for greater action is becoming clearer, but it is yet to become incorporated into an effective economic action plan for preserving and restoring the environment. In fact we seem to be going in the opposite direction, while environment researchers continue to gather evidence indicating that powerful action must be implemented at all levels of government and in communities all around the world. Using computer technology we will visually replicate images of the deterioration of the planet if we continue on our present course. We will use facts from various environmental agencies on the present state of affairs globally, and their predictions/solutions for the future. Example Scenes Our last shots are of a 'council of elders' debating, and finally reaching a decision on the future of the illegal loggers within the community, and of Agun Jungles attempts at attracting tourists onto his tours (with little success). Agun realizes he has to leave the village if he is to carve out a life for himself and his young daughter. We see him on a small boat traveling to nearby Malaysia, waving goodbye to his bith land. We see the pain in his eyes, but also the steely determination to provide a better life for his child. The elder previously interviewed has been granted pardon of responsibility and allowed to live within the village, provided he actively participates in the rebuilding of the community. Whilst the illegal loggers are allowed to stay within the village on the condition they help the army (and other environmental agencies) in their attempt to re-forest the land. ?? ?? ?? ?? 2 ...read more.

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