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Evaluate the success and wider consequences of China(TM)s One Child Policy

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Evaluate the success and wider consequences of China's One Child Policy * Impact on health care and childbearing attitudes: o Has allowed greater quality of maternal care and a reduction in death and injury associated with child-birth. o Pregnant women now receive help to monitor the progress of their pregnancy, and also their wider health issues. o A "Care for Girls" program has been created to reduce the prejudices against women, especially in rural and under-developed areas, through education and funding. o Many people have also come to view the policy as beneficial, and now view one child as being enough. * Increased savings rate: o Individual savings rates have increased since the One Child Policy was introduced. o The average Chinese person now spends less money on child related items, and they therefore have more expendable income with which to invest. ...read more.


The ecological footprint is the measurement of the impact of a person on the environment. o The OCP has indirectly reduced the ecological footprint of the nation as a whole. Criticisms * Violation of human rights o Many view the OCP as a violation of their basic human rights. o In rural areas especially, there are stories of forced abortion, sterilization, infanticide, bribery and coercion aimed at those who have not followed the OCP. o In one area, Huaiji County, an abortion quota of 20,000 was created to stop the current disregard for the OCP. There were portable ultrasound machines used to identify potential abortion candidates, as well as saline solution being injected at 8.5 months in order to abort the baby. ...read more.


o People must therefore rely on the support of charity or retirement funds once they stop working. o If personal savings, pensions or the state welfare system were to collapse, which is looking possible in the current economic crisis, then people are left entirely dependant on that one child. o If the one child were not to survive, then that leaves a whole retired family destitute, with no means of support. o Other worries have been raised about the way these single children are raised, with them being referred to as "little emperors". Without interaction with siblings, the social skills necessary for career success and social cohesion are severely lacking. * Genetic Testing policies o Throughout China, the practice of screening would-be-parents for conditions such as dyslexia and schizophrenia in order to create a "cleaner race". o Although less prevalence, these eugenics are highly criticised as being Nazi-esque. o ...read more.

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