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Evaluate the success of one Urban Regeneration scheme or policy you have studied [10]

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´╗┐Evaluate the success of one Urban Regeneration scheme or policy you have studied. [10] Trafford Park was once the ancestral home of British engineering in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centauries. During the first and second World Wars it employed 75,000 workers at its peak in 1945, supplying Rolls-Royce Merlin Engines for both the Spitfire and the Lancaster bomber. It was also home to some of the major British engineering businesses of the time, including ?British Westinghouse Electrical and Manufacturing and the Kellogg Company which was established in 1938. However in the decades proceeding the mid-twentieth century the area fell into decline as factories closed in order to relocate to more technologically developed plants elsewhere. ...read more.


This would encourage existing and new industry and business to develop, helping create an attractive environment with improved social facilities attracting people to both live and work in the area. Between its opening and 1998, 1000 companies set up in the area creating 28,299 jobs and £1.759 million in private sector investment. The area, including the newly built Trafford retail centre, has transformed the area into a major retail hub. With 5.3 million people living within its forty-five minute catchment area, the sixth biggest shopping centre in the UK has provided mass employment as well as an economic boost from private sector investment. Thus the area has experienced a significant economic benefit whereby property investment has created a multiplier effect – the expansion of both major retail and non-retail firms to Trafford Park has subsequently catalysed an increase in population that further spends and strengthens the local economy. ...read more.


Thus highlighting how property led regeneration has the capacity to undermine a range of local and community interests, something that can be worsened by the short term development goals of the property industry. Overall, it can be concluded that although this redevelopment scheme has been a cause of concern, on a local scale, the economic benefits experienced by the area as a whole have resulted in a prosperous flagship site that has attracted people to live and work in area, resulting in mass employment and commerce in an area previously venturing into social decline. Furthermore, in the interests of sustainability the responsibility of the centre was handed from the TPUDC to the Trafford council. Therefore it can be said that this property-led redevelopment scheme has been a success, despite initial concerns that can be resolved now the area rests in the powers of the local council. ...read more.

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