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Examine national and local government policies on transport and the environment

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´╗┐In this task I am going to examine national and local government policies on transport and the environment, outline current transport systems as well as explain the role of pressure groups in the formulation of government policies on transport and the environment. Outline current transport systems Mood board or PowerPoint P1 - Examine national and local government policies on transport and the environment Local Transport Policy The Government wants to improve accessibility in order to ensure everyone can get to work, schools, healthcare, food shops and other key services. ...read more.


Improving safety and accessibility for pedestrians, cyclists, mobility impaired people and wheelchair users to encourage and promote walking and cycling, focussing on the needs of those travelling to work, college, school, shops or other amenities and to help reduce car dependency are all aims and objectives of which this local policy is supposed to achieve. Encouraging walking and cycling can also help to reduce traffic congestion and air pollution, improve road safety, reduce danger, increase independence and improve personal health. ...read more.


A290 St Thomas? Hill, Canterbury ? will provide benefits to school children and pedestrians living in this large residential area. Monastery Street, Canterbury ? will benefit local school children and students at Christchurch College and Kings School Spring Lane/Barton Estate, Canterbury ? will benefit local school children and students at the Pilgrims Way CP School, Barton Court Grammar School Chaucer Technology College and Hadlow College. These schemes will help to reduce vehicle speeds and save crashes as well as providing better pedestrian links and a more pleasant environment. ...read more.

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