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Examples of coastal areas where there is a lot of conflict of interests are the sandy coasts of Glenelg, and also the Port Adelaide Estuaries. The Adelaide coastline is highly developed with houses and roads occupying a large proportion

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"Describe the reasons for conflicts of interest in coastal zones, and discuss the management strategies relating to conflicts of interest in at least two coastal locations." Coasts range from the rocky shores and sandy beaches to extensive calm water mud flats, seagrass and mangrove habitats. Coastal and marine environments are a valuable community resource and are of great biological and economic value to the area. Coastal areas are very complex eco-systems which rely on a number of different processes and systems. Humans are constantly disrupting these processes by developing and taking part in recreation in coastal areas. Alterations can have harmful results and disturb the dynamic equilibrium of the natural processes that occur there. Therefore there is now a need for constant human input into coastal systems in order to artificially maintain them. This creates a lot of conflicts of interest between groups about what should be done about the problem in terms of the sustainability of the environment versus our societal need. ...read more.


They are responsible for putting a number of management strategies in place and for the construction of artificial structures (eg. riprap rock walls, groynes, and netting etc). Sand replenishment in Glenelg is carried out both with sand relocated within the littoral cell and with sand dredged from offshore sources outside the cell. Sand dredging is an expensive technique which involves sand being pumped from offshore (eg from sandbars) to the beach, and then carted and dumped where it is needed. This process is being used on a regular basis in the Glenelg foreshore area and is funded by the SA government (with the help of tax-payers money!). This strategy is also used in other highly developed coastal areas such as the Gold Coast and the South Carolina Coast, where beachfront development has disrupted the natural processes. These management strategies are maintaining the environmental sustainability of the Glenelg coast, while still satisfying the needs of the society. ...read more.


However, there is now big a difference in the way this area is percieved compared to a few years ago. The port river area was once a rubbish tip and industrial area and now conservation techniques have been put in place as there may be an opportunity for tourism and in this area eg. the dolphin santuary and modern housing as mentioned earlier. These management strategies should minimise the negative impact of human activities in the area, by decreasing the amount of pollution entering the estuaries from industrial areas, and by increasing the community awareness of the issue. Our coasts are extremely important resources. Human intervention has threatened the existence of the dynamic equilibrium of natural processes in coastal areas, so our coastal systems rely on constant artificial management practices in order to be sustained. It is important to maintain these coastal areas so that they are able to be enjoyed by people now, without compromising the environment for future generations. This causes conflicts of interest, but with good management practices and funding, the needs of the society and the environment can both be satisfied. ...read more.

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