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Explain how followers of Christianity may put these teachings into practise in a practical way in order to help preserve the environment.

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Explain how followers of Christianity may put these teachings into practise in a practical way in order to help preserve the environment. Nowadays there are many Christian charities such as Greenpeace that aim to look after the creation God has given us. However, it could be argued that Christians have not always been concerned with environmental issues. Some people in fact, blame Christianity for giving people the impression that they have the right to do whatever they like with the world because of the biblical teaching that people should rule over the other species in general: "Have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the air and over every living thing that move upon the earth" - Genesis 1: 28 In general, the church has not widely encouraged people to be more aware of environmental issues. ...read more.


A small proportion of Christians - extreme conservationists - often protest against the destruction of any nature by chaining themselves to trees or burrowing deep tunnels underground, preferring to protect the environment rather than have regard for their own life. However, it is important not to generalise all Christians as having this extreme notion. Many Christians are concerned with the condition of Planet Earth at the moment but feel they do not have the necessary power to affect the environment greatly in a positive manner. Many governments throughout the world, in 1997, signed the 'Kyoto Treaties' aiming to cut down the world's industrial emissions and help to reduce pollution. However, amidst much controversy, George W Bush (a Christian) ...read more.


Although there are many Christians who belong to these charities, dedicated to improving the world, the sinister truth is that there are over 5 billion people in the world and that is rising drastically. The higher the population, the higher the strain on the environment; more people use more natural resources and produce more waste. This affects not only our ability to meet the basic needs that we all have but also can affect the quality of life. This means that we all need to put in an effort to save the planet. Christians believe we are all stewards of this planet; therefore it is our responsibility, collectively, to improve the condition of the world and deal with environmental issues together. Here, it can be seen, that the virtues of adhering to either a religious or secular view of the world come together. ...read more.

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