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Explain Why There Is a Need for World Development

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Explain Why There Is a Need for World Development The World Divided- Introduction The world is divided into two sections in the view of many. The rich, prosperous North Hemisphere and the suffering, poor Southern Hemisphere. This divide is a product of greed and taking the advantage of a less financially stable country, and so many have realised that to end this unfairness there is a need for development in third world countries. I will now explain why there is a need for world development and examine and explain some of the causes. What's Going Wrong? - The Problems & Effects Third World Countries Experience WAR- War contributes heavily to the need for world development because it often sets it back. A war can cause many kinds of damage. ...read more.


They can ruin buildings that could aid development (i.e. Hospitals, Schools etc.) and they can kill many people who call also aid development (i.e. Builders, Doctors, Teachers etc). The damage they cause is horrific and reparations can cost insane amounts of money. This will also encourage debt, which will further hinder development. CLIMATE- Sometimes the climate in which a third world country is in could be described to be a gentle yet constant natural disaster. For example, hot countries will almost likely suffer drought and famine. This would kill many people through starvation and it would also affect the cash crop situation negatively. CASH CROPS- Cash crops hardly contribute to helping the debt crisis and it ensures that farmers and others native to the country in question go hungry. GREED- The rich countries will also take advantage of the poor countries desperation. ...read more.


They also do community work to help the poor to organize themselves. This could involve politics and defending their rights or education, to ensure that the village children have a future. CONCLUSION- There are many reasons for the Third World needing to develop through the many negative effects of events that happen out there. Cash crops, for example, are A reason for development. The Government will be so keen to get themselves out of financial dire straits that they will allow their people to starve and die by denying them food, which they will sell for the cash value. The main reason that world development is needed is because so many people, over half the world's population, is in distress. They are dying. They are ill. Their governments can't keep up with the bad news as it happens. The First World can only help the Third World so much. They need to develop so that they can support themselves and their people and give them happy lives. ...read more.

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