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Explain why there is a need for world development (Q2) There is a need for world development because the countries known as Less Developed Countries

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Explain why there is a need for world development (Q2) There is a need for world development because the countries known as Less Developed Countries are still poverty stricken because of Global Inequality. This means that the wealth and the resources amongst the worlds population is not evenly spread meaning that the average Bangladeshi has a GDP of $160 a year whereas an average Briton has a GDP of $8460. The worrying thing is that this Gap between the rich and the poor is increasing not decreasing. The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer, stopping developing countries. Reasons for lack of development and global inequality is due to the many wars that have taken place in places like ...read more.


The countries also had another problem, the dominant tribe in a country would oppress the weaker tribes in the country. Also many countries have fought wars because of political differences, and corruption within the country. Natural disasters can also stop development in these countries because after having had an earthquake, a drought, or a flood these countries are unable to bounce back. Thousands of houses are destroyed along with farmlands which are a necessity for the people who inhabit there. A very recent example of a natural disaster is the Asian Tsunami this is a series of long wavelength waves caused by an underwater disturbance. This has affected 14 less developed countries such as India and Bangladesh , and has killed 295,608 people. ...read more.


Cash crops are one way that these Less Developed Countries are developing. However many people are starving because of this, where crops were grown for consumption, have now been planted with cash crops. Cash crops are crops which are grown for selling rather than consuming. Cash crops are one of the ways that developed countries help Less Developed Countries, for example "Fair Trade". "Fair Trade is a company which allows fair trade to take place between Africa and the Western World; cocoa beans are grown in Africa and are used to make chocolate bars for the West, the workers in Africa are also given a fair pay. ?? ?? ?? ?? Ahsan Zia 10B R.E Coursework Mrs McDiarmid ...read more.

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