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Explain why there is a need for world development There is a need for world development because the gap between the rich and poor is getting wider and many lives are lost needlessly.

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(a)(ii) Explain why there is a need for world development There is a need for world development because the gap between the rich and poor is getting wider and many lives are lost needlessly. The reasons for lack of development are because of war and some less developed countries spend more of their money on weapons that could be used to send all children to school. Also, war destroys land, homes, hospitals, schools, and leave people to flee o other neighboring countries, causing that country to also become poor. Some chemicals also contaminate the ground so that nothing can be grown there. There are many deaths that are easily treatable but cause so many deaths in the 'third world'. ...read more.


The solution is to attack the root of the problem perhaps improving their agriculture. Malnutrition causes many infant deaths. Some people argue that there are too many people in the world but they only give birth to so many children because they need people to work for them and keep them alive. The high infant mortality rate is caused by malnutrition; this is why they give birth to so many children. With the population increasing so quickly, there is a land shortage so they migrate to urban areas in hopes of finding good jobs but they don't have an education therefore they often end up unemployed and hungry, leading to spiritual poverty. ...read more.


They must hope that the developed countries will buy these cash crops or else they have no money to pay back therefore, the rich countries set the price because the poor countries cant afford to bargain. This is unfair trade. Some argue that it's the climates fault, and that nothing can grow with all these droughts but this is caused by global warming, and this is caused by 'the first world'. Because of malnutrition, when a drought comes they are too weak and many die. Also, malnutrition causes the people to become more prone to diseases. Some may argue 'it's none of our business' however we depend on them to grow cotton for our clothes but we should ensure they aren't starving. ?? ?? ?? ?? Page 1 of 2 ...read more.

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