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Extinction of Glaciers: Endangering Life

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Extinction of Glaciers: Endangering Life In my research paper I will talk about "How melting of Glaciers endangering life". I choose this topic because I personally think Warm temperatures are very essential for human existence. Global Warming of the Earth has caused the climate to heat up and become suitable for human existence. However, because of the excess amount of greenhouses gases present in the Earth's atmosphere, global warming is increasing rapidly. This warming is causing various problems. In An Inconvenient Truth, Al Gore discusses some of those problems. He is concerned about the melting of glaciers, a primary affect of Global Warming. The concentration of greenhouses gases in our atmosphere is increasing at a rapid rate, causing excessive soil erosion and thus, endangering the existence of human life on the Earth. Mountain glaciers are a product of climate and are important environmental components of local, regional, and global water cycle. Glaciers are sources of beauty in the mountain landscapes and, in many cases, have been among the primary agents responsible for formatting these landscapes. Glaciers mass balance data has received increasing attention in recent years, because of their usefulness in detecting climate change and explaining rising sea level (Dyurgerov). Understanding changes in glacier volume is important for regional water supply and power generation. ...read more.


The greenhouses absorb and emit infrared (heat) radiation. Because temperature decreases with height in the Earth's troposphere, increasing greenhouse gasses cause emissions to space to arise from higher, colder levels thus reducing radiation to space. This temporary imbalance with incoming solar energy forces the planet to warm until energy balance is restored. "The pre-industrial concentration of CO2 was 280 parts per million. In 2005, that level, measured high above Mauna Loa was 381 parts per million" (Gore 37). As a consequence, the temperature of the Earth has increased tremendously. Due to this swift increase in temperature, the glaciers are melting worldwide. "Almost the entire mountain glaciers in the world are now melting, many of them quite rapidly" (Gore 48). An annual study of glaciers in nine mountain ranges across five continents has confirmed that they receded by an average of 0.6 meters in 2005 alone. Moreover, in 2005, 27 glaciers had suffered a loss of over 3 meters of ice each. These include Sarennes Glacier in the French Alps and Colombia and Yawning glaciers in the United States. The average loss of the glaciers since 1980s is nearly 10 meters but statistics are expected to get worse when the figures for year 2005 were collected. ...read more.


These plants and factories cannot be banned as they provide us with necessities required for a living and they are the source of employment for a large number of people. New methods to generate energy must be introduced, for example, hybrid technology that curtails the burning of fossil fuels to a great extent. Instead of spending money on weapons, government of all the countries should collaborate it and use it to regulate wildly increasing global warming. In the Meantime, we should try to lessen the emission of CO2 and other greenhouse gases. First, we all should try to use public transportation rather that their individual cars as it will produce less carbon. Second, we should use paper material instead of plastics as decomposes whereas plastics are to be burned to destroy that produce CO2. Third, we should stop cutting down and burning tress; instead we should plant more as they inhale CO2 and purify the air. In conclusion, melting of glaciers is 'a canary is a coalmine', that is an indicator of a serious problem, in this case, the serious problem in the destruction of the Earth. We, the people live here, it is our home so it is our duty to protect it. If nothing is done, the glaciers will soon disappear causing a high increase in levels of oceans which will result in large parts of continents underwater. So, we should step forward before the situation gets destructive and unmanageable. ...read more.

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