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Find out mountain communities try to reduce the problems cause by development. Measures include flood protection, erosion control, limits on development, planning controls and building restrictions etc.

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Task 3 Find out mountain communities try to reduce the problems cause by development. Measures include flood protection, erosion control, limits on development, planning controls and building restrictions etc. Although ski resorts are constantly thriving to develop their centres, they are aware of the problems they cause. Sometimes, the ski centres will work alongside other communities to try and reduce these problems. They use such methods: Erosion control: in order to try and limit erosion, the ski centre may limit usage of the ski slopes, roads, nature trail and so on to only a few hours a day or may limit the numbers using the facilities at any one time. Avalanche control: avalanches are masses of snow moving down hillsides at phenomenal speedy and awesome destructive power. They are often unpredictable and happen without any warning. ...read more.


However, flooding will only mainly occur when there are rapid changes in temperature. Snow melts rapidly and so the water runs downhill hill causing flash floods. Development, planning and restriction Limits: local councils or government may impose limits on how much a ski resort can develop on its site. It may give permission to develop on a small scale, but only after thorough and repeated checks to see that no building restrictions are being violated, the correct procedures are followed while planning and check to see whether the proposals are sufficient in order to give the go ahead for a development programme. Even if one of the requirements are not met then permission will be denied to progress on any development. Summer Tourism: during summer months, tourism generally reaches an all time low due to the lack of snow. ...read more.


Solutions to this problem would be to stop it all together but we all know this will never happen. So calls have been made for companies to move their quarry sites well away for any residential areas. Agriculture: after research, I found out that communities try to get as much of their own produced as possible from local animals. This would reduce running costs out the resort and would also reduce the amount of delivery traffic that came into the town. Growing food would not be very easy due to the cold climate- however- this would not be such a problem in the summer months. Hydroelectricity: nearby dams, reservoirs, lakes and rivers would be modified to help generate electricity. This would help eliminate the need for ugly electricity pylons. This way, the cables could simply be wired underground. If to much non renewable sources were used, acid rain would be a major factor that affect the entire environment, from top to bottom. ...read more.

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