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For China, evidence would indicate that its population size, structure and distribution are currently unsustainable in terms of it's medium/long term development. In geographical terms, they are experiencing regional over-population."

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China: Population and Development Essay "Opportunities and constraints will arise from a large, unevenly distributed population. For China, evidence would indicate that its population size, structure and distribution are currently unsustainable in terms of it's medium/long term development. In geographical terms, they are experiencing regional over-population." The current total population of the world is about 6.5 billion1 and will continue to grow by another billion by the end of the century. China is considered to be the most populous country in the world with the total population of 1.2 billion, which makes up one-fifth of the world's total population. However, China, only having a population density of 136/km�2,does not have the highest population density in the world because of the country's vast land resources. China is the world's fourth largest country with land area of 9.6 million km�3 but 2.6 million km�4 of the land is affected by desertification. The land resources are limited for the increasing population of China and this will cause un-sustainability for further developments. ...read more.


In 1990, the population pyramid7 indicates that there are high birth rate and death rate because the population of children are the highest and the population of elderlys are the lowest. By looking at the current population pyramid of China8, it shows the increase in population of the working class. The birth rates decreases and so as the death rates. The problem of ageing population began. This problem is expected to become more serious in the near future. In 2050, the ageing population problem will be shown clearly in the population pyramid of China in the year of 2050. The death rate declined a lot and the population of the elderly is the highest. The population of workling class is not able to support the high population of old people. More resources are required, such as nursing and homes for the old people. Therefore, the population structure of China will not be able to support the further development. ...read more.


Household sewage has played a significant role in contaminating the water. This is a serious issue to Guangdong because it is one of the worst offenders. Guangdong Province is unsustainable which leads to such issue. As the population increase in Guangdong, more amount of household sewage went into the river and caused such a serious problem. Water pollution can affect the future generation as well because bad quality of water can cause disease. Water pollution will lead to shortage of water. Lack of water is the most serious problem. Human cannot survive without water. A possible solution to this issue will be having a better control of pollution in the rivers to improve the drinking water quality. In conclusion, places like China, having a large but unevenly distributed and ageing population, is experiencing regional over-populated. This is illustrated in the case study of Guangdong Province. Guangdong Province is densely populated and experiencing over-population. This leads to the problem of water pollution in Guangdong. Opportunities of improving this issue are to have a better control of the pollution to the river. Therefore, a large, unevenly distributed population arises opportunities and constraints. ...read more.

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