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For One Named Drainage Basin, discuss the Strategies and the Benefits of River Restoration or Ecological Management.

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For One Named Drainage Basin, discuss the Strategies and the Benefits of River Restoration or Ecological Management. The restoration of the Kissimmee river in Central Florida began in 1999.After a severe flood in the 1940's a strategy was implemented in 1962 to use channelisation to straighten a 90km long drainage canal. Within the canal, there were storage lakes and various water control features. The aim of channelisation was to straighten the river, which reduced the length from 160 to 90 kilometres the effect of this is an increase in discharge and ...read more.


Two thirds of the floodplain wetlands were drained and the nutrients were no longer absorbed. This had severe effects on the hydrosere such as the vegetation cover however; they quickly noticed that the wildlife habitats were being severely affected. As a result, the river had become stagnant thus causing a loss of animal species. It was finished in 1971 but four years later in 1975, the Kissimmee Restoration Act was passed to help the area to be sustainable both environmentally and economically. ...read more.


The strategy aimed to set - aside floodplain wetlands. Buying back farmland to replace 104 km2 of the floodplain and reinstating 11000ha of wetlands to help the rehabilitation of the river did this. They also partly diverted it to its old course by blocking the C38 canal and filling in a 35km stretch. Oxbow lakes were restored to create natural habitats and some levees were removed to increase biodiversity. The restoration plan allowed the behavioural pattern of the river to return to its seasonal flow and it encouraged tourism based on hunting and fishing to boost the local economy. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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