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Fox Hunting

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Fox Hunting: You are most probably aware that fox hunting has come under serious attack in Britain recently from animal rights groups and the media, and consequently is under serious threat of being banned by the government. So in keeping with recent events I have decided to make it the subject of this short essay. Contrary to what some may think, foxhunting is not just an obsolete British tradition. Although it did originate here, and Britain is the key study of this essay, foxhunting has since spread across the Atlantic and is now commonplace in America and Russia. It is practised for several reasons: as a sport, for its fur and, most commonly, because of its reputation as a farmyard pest. Fox hunting owes a lot to the common farmers, without them it would not exist and now, when it is in danger they form the backbone of its defence. Their claim is an old one, which has featured largely in old tales of the sly and cunning, cruel and devious fox. It has hardly changed in at least two hundred years: " But he killed my chickens!" A simple claim of criminal damage, it has been effective for over a hundred years. But, some might say, not now. In modern times, many people argue that this argument is far to dated, out of touch, and, consequently, worthless. ...read more.


In contradiction to this, the hunters claim that they use minimum pain when killing the animal. They say that they have all of their dogs specially trained to snap the fox's neck, for an instant death. This should mean that it experiences little or no pain at all. They also mention that the blocking of an animals burrow is only ever used if it is near farmland and never if it is just a sporting hunt and that drag hunting is: 'An unsuitable alternative to real hunting' However, others argue that the training (if any such thing ever takes place) is a futile exercise only serving to waste time. In order for a hunting hound to snap a fox's neck its jaws would have to be at least 50% longer and undeterminably stronger than they are at present. Besides, they say, if that is the case then why not use just one dog rather than a dozen who would then have difficulty in getting to the fox's neck? They also criticise the spokespersons lack of willingness to negotiate suitable alternatives. Other hunt groups claim that the reducing of fox numbers is actually good for the local eco-system. They believe that the British fox population is, at present, overlarge and endangers the future populations of its prey. By keeping red fox numbers under check they hope that they can help restore the natural balance to the eco-system and benefit the rest of the wildlife. ...read more.


Only a very small percentage of people find any pleasure in the activity whereas most of us feel revolt It would seem to most people that the use of drag hunting represents a highly effective new alternative but the majority of huntspeople instead regard it as "unsuitable" for reasons, which they do not wish to disclose. This seems to me to be highly uncooperative behaviour inappropriate for a discussion aimed to reach a reasonable compromise. When we face this to contend with a ban is the only option. I am of the strong opinion that we should open a total ban on fox hunting effective immediately. The unfortunate problem with banning the sport is that a large number of the higher court members belong to the group of people described in the third paragraph and are hunters themselves. The best way to deal with this problem is for the government to simply overrule their decisions and take control of the situation in hand. This would demonstrate true natural leadership qualities although is likely to provoke outcry from the hunting population. The outcome from not taking some dire form of action though is that we have reached an unpleasant stalemate in which neither side will move for fear of losing their position. If hunt numbers increase the government will fight back but if not then there is no chance for them to advance. We must attack now whilst the power of the people is behind us, or, we will be left to forever hold our peace. ...read more.

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